22 Apr


The monthis almost coming to an end! Dear Lord time is flying faster than i want it to!

Work is the one thing in my life that is going great, i must say it is the most boring job i have ever had since i entered the rat race but it is the most career oriented job by far and the promotions are coming in faster it is like a dash to climb the coporate ladder.

I remember my first job it no timelines, lots of hot men with great voices, that means you almost always had a mini concert in the afternoon and i didnt have to wake up at 6am! As long as The results spoke for themselves all was good it sure beats seating infront of a desk or kissing arse in a clients office( that even includes lunches) all day! Life, i guess we have to grow up some day. Don’t get me wrong i love my job but i bore easily that explains why i have had so many jobs (i counted and they don’t fit in one hand).

Traville c’est bon mais je suis fatigue!! I need a holiday at the beach with a hot special some one.

Bon semaine tout le monde!


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