25 Jun

Friday again( i think i have a thing for Fridays). It has been a while since I blogged, lots of things have gone on, I went on holiday and boy did we have a blast! I think every one deserves a break even if it is for a few days. Holidays have their own air because falling in love like with a total stranger and promising to be together for ever doesn’t make sense in the real world!

Mum was angle which is so not her! Since moving house a lot of changes have gone on in my parents house hold, things I thought would never happen! The best part is they are mostly positive changes.

Since I got back to work it has been boring in spite of the new clients (it must be a new version of home sickness) but it is good to be back to slow boring life.

I recently fell in love with dresses! Gosh that is an up grade on my side but I must admit they rock, lucky for me I have a friend who understands my style, so every time she travels a pretty dress for moi is always part of the language.

Enjoy the weekend, yours truly is spending the entire weekend in bed(except for a few parties here and there lol)

Bon weekend!


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