In a nutshell

26 Aug

Been a while since i blogged, i must say life has been good! I got promoted!! Yeah baby!!!

I have had a month of constant traveling and will probably be at it for the next month.

I have been in and out of love so many times that i have lost count but now i am so out of love! and enjoying it(my friends say i am glowing!) must be the weather!

My ex moved to a country i have been dying to visit and yes he invited me(of course i said yes!) a lot of my friends say it is a wrong move but i know i shall never go back to him, nothing sucks like an un supportive boy friend, even if he is now nice to me, i still remember the tough times because he so treated me like trash but i forgave him and we are friends. I realized, money does not change you, it just brings out the side of you have been hiding and that was his problem, when i quit my job and was jobless for a loooooog time he treated me like a leach and not a worthy partner yet i never asked him for any thing! He didn’t understand why i was unemployed with job offers. But i take it as a lesson learnt, if some one can not be with you in tough times, they don’t deserve to be with you in good times because bad times will come but good times will always be there!

I am not a person to change because of money or the environment and the past year has proved it. When my mentor asked me how it feels to be an expatriate and earn more than i had imagined i would at my age, all that was on my mind was, i feel i have not worked as much as i am paid and i need to put in effort. I have had the same friends or over 20 years(time has split us, molded and tamed us to understand and stand each other)

I finally met some one who makes me think i am so crazy! After years with insane friends and family who make me feel normal this guy comes in and makes me look insane(ok, i know i am weird) but some how every thing i say to him is not normal! talk about a wake up call! Thank you IMN you crack me up and make my days colored and sane!

Till next time

Bon Journee et weekend.


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