The title eludes me

13 Sep

My mind is full of things to write, not quite sure where to start from! But i have to start some where, here goes!!

Like i mentioned in my previous post, i have been hit by the traveling bug. Not much has changed, still at it, only that last weekend we had a three-day holiday! I decided not to cross any borders. I hosted some friends and found things in my house that i didn’t know i had! Gave my room the much-needed cleaning, visited some friends, said bye to another and i must say i loved it, who knew my low attention span would stay in one place for three whole days.
I must say the traveling has taken a toll on me, even one hour flights are exhausting! I am even having trouble sleeping( i am one of those people blessed with peaceful sleep) but i discovered a wonderful secret for sleep(apart from soul music) Candles! All i do is light one of my many scented candles and i sleep soundly, till i find who is taking my sleep i am stocking up on candles.

I finally let go of a lot of baggage i was carrying around and it fells good to be free.

I have the best parents in the world! and i miss them terribly, i miss my siblings even more(that reminds me i need to call my grand ma)

I have been listening to lots of afro soul(which is so me ) and reggae(so not me) and i find myself being more aware of injustices, how some of my friends living in Europe are becoming racist and the strangest of all is i am becoming very emotional! I cry when i am sad or when i listen to particular songs (some i don’t even understand!)

Today i had a meeting with the CEO of our company, when i was informed of the afternoon meeting, i armed my self with a bullet proof vest and lots of rain gear but surprisingly it was not what i expected(the boss is actually nice) in spite of my accounts being in red! I need to get that part of work sorted out( what is with clients!) This morning i got to office to an email with a brief(that was sent on Sunday) i really need to get this client a boy friend or at least some friends! Tomorrow we have our usual status meeting and i expect fireworks because some work has been pending too long and it is beyond my bossy tendencies!

I got a new gadget today, duty-free rocks!

Recently i discovered that all my friends are older and have much more money to throw around than me(if they are about my age they are dating older richer men). So the conversations always tend to go in the direction of the countries they have been to and what assets they have. I believe in being happy with where you are and not trying to be some one else.
Some of my friends are dating married men, some times i am not sure how to handle it, it saddens me that it is the direction they have taken but God gave us free will and we shall account for all our actions soon.

Most of all i need to get back to the gym, it has been almost two months! yet i am constantly over dosing on all tribes of chocolate.

Have a fab week!!!


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