Weekend Blues

23 Nov

Friday, i went to a bar near my work place( the way work has been going i needed a fix) as a waited to meet up with one of my girlfriends for coffee. I chose a strategic seat at the counter and looked the hard stuff they had on display, then thought to myself , it would be nice to have a shot of baileys  or milk as a friend calls it then it hit me it would change how i was feeling and that i don’t drink! (not forgetting i had an early morning meeting with my biggest client who came two hours late!!)I instead settled for the softer side of things. That, my friends was my first time in a bar solo.

Random  thoughts  about me kept popping up so i thought why not blog about them.

1. I changed my handwriting at 14, i  woke up one morning and didn’t like my hand writing any more!

2. Love still eludes me.

3. I love to walk barefoot on the streets( i met a hot guy once while at it and didn’t see him again for 3 years! He is not so hot any more)

4. My three best friends are so different from each other

5.Finally learnt how to paint my nails on my own, now that i no longer bite them.

6. Skinny dipping, nothing comes close, just stay away from salty water bodies.

7. Read more books than i can remember but right now my reading mojo is lost, so until i find it blogging works just fine.

8. I have never had sex, though i am dying to get laid! So drop your resume if you are interested in being a candidate 🙂

9. If we where to sing or draw to save our lives, my funeral would have taken place a long time ago.

10. I bore easily, my friends say i have a low attention span. As far as relationships are concerned long distance works just fine. I can always have a fling on the side when i am bored.

11. Partying is one of the organisations i am a board member.

12.Totally failed to read signals from potential suitors, i can never tell if a guy likes me or is hitting on me! I am so used to being one of the boys who tell you as it is, so if you suddenly change communication to girly signals, you lose me completely. So next time speak English!!!

13.Gentlemen, grab a book, it opens a whole new world. Being un informed is not an excuse for bad conversation.

14. Male housemates are over rated. I would share a house with a girl any time but for now leaving alone works just fine.

15. Money is not a big thing in my life, i strongly believe what goes up must come down.

16. when it comes to work, i can be a bitch, i can’t stand mediocrity.

17. I can not stand the color white in any form, whether it is a car, clothing, napkin, underwear walls etc. When i see white all i want to do is pour some color all over it. (Technically white is not a color!).

Insomnia seems to be my partner this month, the reason for blogging at this un godly hour!.


4 Responses to “Weekend Blues”

  1. Camela... November 24, 2010 at 8:46 pm #

    Mamamia.. i definately luv this.. u do know urself too well…. wow i have tears reading this.. i miss u soo much… and I will add onto No. 8.. I think sex is over rated… u may want to hold onto that virginity for a while longer.. No.2 I think u r eluding love.. u seem to be the evasive one….
    N yeah i have planned my solo bar experience for too long its about time i took myself out for once… i hope it is as inspiring as urs..

    • pinkauto November 25, 2010 at 8:34 am #

      Hmmm, i heard sex is over rated but many times i wish i could get over and done with it! About love i think it is eluding me! Bar experince, it wasnt as glamourous.

  2. rethots November 3, 2011 at 4:33 am #

    You’ll need to send a formal notification of desire. (No. 8)

  3. pinkauto November 3, 2011 at 2:43 pm #

    Yes, send me your CV and if you qualify, i will invite you for an interview lol!

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