Orphan no more.

26 Nov

No i am not an orphan in the real sense. In my vocabulary i have times when i am a song orphan. My love for music is like any one else.

Music is like a parent, it advises, encourages, cries with you, gives you the harsh truth, loves and keeps you warm(it even pays bills for many people i know). So not having a song i can go back to at the end of the day is considered being parentless.

So currently it is take my heart by General Ozzy ft weasel and Radio and Don’t  change by music soul child. Thank God for you tube!

A couple of weeks ago,  a friend gave me a lot of movies and while he was putting them on my hard drive, some thing crossed my mind to do a morality check on them but since i was dashing for a meeting, i just loaded all of them.

Then a week later after a long day at work, i thought to myself, why not check out the new collection?  Dear Lord!! Dude had given me more porn than i had ever seen in my life! (ok, truth be told it wasnt a lot) just this one movie that i watched, it was teaching sex styles and boy oh boy did they demonstrate how to ‘make love’.

Now i am a well-informed member of society on the topic of sex!!

Weekend is here and sadly i have no plan(well except the younger guy, to be honest i am starting feel him a little) will be passing by my house and i am really looking forward to it. This time i will not let love elude me or me elude love hehehehe!

What i like about him is the innocence i see or hear every time we speak. He is so trying to impress me and it is sad and cute at the same time.

On work, i so nailed a presentation today, the boss sort of skipped the meeting to attend another and i went  along with two other workmates(to be honest we looked like little kids!) the guard at the gate even asked for our Ids! We must have looked worse than i thought!

Enjoy the last weekend of November.


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