Excitment and adrenaline rush!

29 Nov

I am so excited today !!!  After my date with Mr young, suddenly i have been hit by a massive adrenalin rush that sleep eludes me, it is such a good feeling can’t help but smile to my self almost all the time.

 I need to get rubba dubs more often from shy guys who are not too sure where to put their hands and then just ignore them all week, it works like a charm  because he is constantly on my facebook page! Another stalker added to my list ( it doesn’t help that i like liked one of his brothers)

Memo to self, no swimming during lunch time! I am so sore from the siesta, almost failed to go to the bar to meet one of my girls! Sadly had to leave early because of an early morning meeting and a presentation later in the day (did not get to ogle at hot guys but on my way back from the meeting, got enough eye candy for a week). Oh and never to forget a hair dryer! 

 Strange thing all my bosses have been white! Or bred in Europe or America. I  remember when i came to be interviewed never got to meet the main man so it had to be done over phone. Then my first day at work, even wore my fav suit (but now back to default mode t-shirt na jeans hahaha) and this guy comes over to say hi and welcome, being polite said hello and went back to work then some one called him! I was OMG another muzungu boss!! It hit me i really need to be my own boss for sure because might be my only African boss at this rate!

Did I mention i  am so excited? My spontaneous self is finally coming back with a bang and made a lot of Benjamins over the weekend from one phone call and it is what i needed for my next project, God has been good for sure, just when I least expected, it fell on my lap! It is official, am back to an industry i was desperately trying to run away from! I am even getting more job offers; it could work quite well as side job.

 What do you do when your better half’s sibling finds you in a compromising situation with another guy? Do you snitch on your self before they snitch on you? Or do you keep quite and hope they do not snitch on you? Some one close to me who loves living dangerously is in such situation, personally I would snitch on my self smartly before they snitch on me!(of course and edited  version of what went down) By the time they talk to him, it wont be news and he would trust you a little more.

 What would you do?

While we are in the relationship business(it is hard i tell you). One of my closest male friends is in town for a while and we spend more time than we have ever spent in the last eight or so years of friendship, we are almost like siblings until his mum asked how come we are not dating? The thing is she does not like his current girlfriend(who told me she hates and loves me!) and would have prefered him dating me! I was shocked because she never showed that i was eligible to date her son or even hinted on it! Besides i never saw him that way(still don’t), thing is we blend like bread and butter and every time we hang out, people ask if we are a couple. How a do i handle the girlfriend without losing a friend and the friend not losing a girlfriend?

Have a fab week and enjoy what is left of November!


4 Responses to “Excitment and adrenaline rush!”

  1. rethots November 3, 2011 at 4:26 am #

    ‘Marked’ territory.

    • pinkauto November 3, 2011 at 7:01 am #

      Hahahaha, i remember planning a trip to Nigeria when i wrote this, too bad my only friend is constantly traveling but next year i so have to come!

      • rethots November 3, 2011 at 8:08 am #

        I shall welcome you….

  2. pinkauto November 3, 2011 at 8:12 am #

    Thank you, i will surely let you know when i buy my air ticket.

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