Whats on my mind.

24 Feb

After a hectic two months, we are finally launching a campaign (actually two) for one of my major clients next week. I am so excited because i have been working overtime and i can afford to take time off and take that long overdue trip to the zoo.

I went camping in a rain forest over the weekend and boy did we have a blast, it was one of the scariest trips i have ever done, we did the canopy walk that was 50 feet above the ground and it rained almost the entire duration of our camping trip, but then what do you expect from a rain forest?

My housemate (yes i got a housemate living alone sucks) has this weird habit of entering my room un invited and i am not comfortable with that, how do i deal with it, without creating that weird vibe?

I had a pitch today (story of my job) and the client had shortlisted only two companies, so our main contender decided they are not ready to present! Saying they needed more time to prepare and they asked for a week!! WTH!!!! How is it possible in a competitive market, they should have been disqualified but the procurement board agreed!! Any way it gives us more time to improve our presentation.

One of my friends asked me if Lebu and i are official (he asks every time we chat which on average once a week) i always say i don’t know because it is the honest truth, going by my track record, i do not want him to be another statistic, i actually want it to work out, i am afraid i will die old and lonely. We had a fight yesterday but he is talking to me (may be it was in my mind). I fought with almost everyone in office, especially if they are being slow and not giving me work on time, case in point , i asked for print outs before the dude went for lunch because i had a presentation right after lunch but dude decides to go get a chau!!!! WTH. i was so mad i threw a fit!

A lot has been going on in the world of politics and a lot has been said by here are my two cents worth

1. My theory of Gaddafi’s insanity has been proved, how can a sane person utter such words on international tv? Dude you need to go while you still have your …… whatever is left.

2. Dear NRM and Sevo(the man with a hat) i do not give a rats arse about you and your party, so please keep your sms to yourself on second thoughts if you can pack up and leave while you still have an ounce of dignity left, if you fall like the Gaddafi’s of this world there is no coming back.

3. Olara Otunnu. I thought UPC made a mistake from the start, i am glad you proved me correct. How on earth can you fail to vote for yourself? Some one explain? (Even if you have to crawl to the polling station) Because Kyaba too much! Dude go buy yourself so decent clothing, half the time am confused if you are wearing a kanzu, kawnda suit or a dress!

4. Kagame, i know you won by a landslide but i hope this is your last term or else you will go down the Gaddafi route (history has shown your people are not afraid to die for a cause).

5. Besigye, please look for a new hobby because attempting to be Uganda’s president is not working for you.  I suggest singing, history has shown people with raspy voices hit the high notes with easy(don’t dare try dancing, after your last attempt was painful to watch). I would buy a copy of your album for real.

6. All the other chaps who have been in power for so long i have to count my fingers and toes, you need to go! The Independence revolution started in Egypt, the tide is coming and you will not survive.

On a lighter note i am looking forward to the next public holiday and the weekend is calling, i plan on spending the entire weekend reading a good book and sleeping.

Enjoy the last weekend of Feb!


2 Responses to “Whats on my mind.”

  1. rethots November 3, 2011 at 4:09 am #

    Don’t tell what’s on your mind, let me just have a personal look into it.

    Ghadaffi is history….

    • pinkauto November 3, 2011 at 6:48 am #

      You might just run mad if you have a look at what goes on in my mind, you might fail to keep up lol!

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