26 Feb

Yesterday i hang out with one of my craziest friends in town, they happen to be Kenyan. They love to drink(boy do they love their beer). We went to watch a band at a joint near our homes and boy did we have fun! I found my self being the queen dancer for the band(the joy of living in a foreign land) the band played some tunes from Congo and we danced lingala like there was no tomorrow( i actually got a prize hahahaha). At this rate i will relive my childhood of dancing for money, the prizes are filling my house, from vuvuzelas to ice buckets! Why dont the companies give cars at these events? It would end the long walks to work! As i was getting dressed to go out i was chatting with my sunshine, i wrote about him  and we talked about he almost married incident(amazing what time does to the heart) he said one of the guys he is on tour with keeps bringing it up! Gosh that was ages ago but i guess he can’t believe i chose my sunshine instead of him! Men they need to grow up and get over themselves.

So i am trying to stay awake because i have to pick  up a photographer who is here for a photo shoot that is going to happen tomorrow. Back to baby sitting artists!

Yesterday, i found out my favourite chocolate has been renamed rum and raisins instead of old Jamaican!! and i think they increased the alcohol content, as a non alcoholic, what reason will i give for it being my favourite one?

I checked my stats today and i was amazed! Thank you for dropping by and reading my boring rumblings, i never thought that many people read my blog! Do comment and let me know your thoughts on anything. Merci

Have a fab weekend!


2 Responses to “Dancing”

  1. Ug girl February 27, 2011 at 9:02 pm #

    🙂 …you know what is funny ..i think we have met…lol…just kidding…hope you had a great weekend too..:-)

    • pinkauto February 27, 2011 at 9:29 pm #

      I do hope we get to me some day. I had a fab weekend, one of those unexpectedly great ones. Have a great week.

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