Minus one

17 Jul

Today i went to my home church after a long time( i have been attending service in another church) and i realised why i kind of stopped going, i get bored during the sermon! But this time round i listened and learned a lot(Memo to self: Be open-minded to God) you learn a lot.

I am hosting a couple of friends this week and they could not have chosen a worser month to visit, i am constantly burning the mid night oil( i sleep at 5am every day) no way i will take them to hang out as i have deadlines to beat and i have to make a choice, i choose my books(to be honest it was not a tough choice to make).

It just hit me i never did write an update about Mr Young! Well he met someone and got over me, i can be a hand full and you need to be confident and extremely open-minded ( i am what some people refer to as a free spirit and very spontaneous!).

I grew older a couple of months ago and i must say there is no difference between 25 and 27 years but there is a huge difference between below 25 and above 25! Life is way more fun after 25 and i am so looking forward to turning 30 (i hear it is the new 20). Of course i went dancing but for some reason, all i wanted to do was go home to bed.

Recently one of the many potential men in my life told me the reason we never worked out was because i was not ready or in his words did not want to get married, sad thing is i was in love and would have married him in a heart beat(so i thought) but i realised that God works in your favour, i saw a lot of things that i know i would have regretted had i marred him. It has been over a year now and i have moved on, he mat some one(and is marrying her afer dating for 4 months). My question is do guys want to get married as badly as women do?

This Friday,i will be travelling to see a few friends in Nairobi (sadly it is just fo the weekend) and i plan on rocking that town, i have such wonderful memories from the last visit that i was afraid to go back because it will erase all the wonderful memories, i wish i could recreate that time, it was special! So i have everything in check, ticket, passport, warm clothing and my cellphone(hahahaha can’t live with out it). I pray there are no delays or missed flights(though i have no regrets from the last time).

Have a fab week and remember to smile because life is too short to be sad.


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