Wrong side of life: Uni memoir

2 Nov

After deliberating with the board(me, myself and i) i am going to be posting some of my writings i did five years ago( i sent them out as emails to a couple of friends) who kept asking me to start a blog, it took me four whole years to step out.
In all honesty i had fun during that time and had so many ambitions the canvas was clean ready for the master to paint a master piece!

Today i woke up and knew the day was going to be one of those that you wish u had stayed in bed.So far the fruits of the day have been in vain( if your asking i am wearing my favourite colour no need for me to tell u which one)
What pissed me off is i had a rendezvous with this guy and he stood me up( strictly business!) That after i had arrived at the proposed place.Then this totally (how can i describe this person!!!!!) ?**#??* person makes my morning worse by shifting her problems from work on to me which i can not stand.It took the grace of God to keep my mouth shut or else i would have *******.
One the lighter side of life i handed in my dissertation awaiting to be approved.My first draft was totally trashed by my supervisor and when my mum saw all the red marks in it well she threw tantrums all over the place pissed every one in the house.
Got my French report( yes we still get reports) excitement i got tres bon! well compared to last term when i had insufficient in my report !well that my parents did not get to see or else i would be done for.
For the last like 2 days i have been going through Katanga( a slum in Kampala) well the situation is sad, people live in ramshackle houses with sewage flowing all over the place at times they sell food on top of these river of filth.The children are another story the just break my heart to see them like that.The government and us the citizens need to do some thing about it if you have any ideas please hala at me so we can start some thing.
Since my day is already messed i am going to work on my salsa moves and dj-ing.
I dj-ed at this party and( i didn’t get paid!) i totally knocked my self out!
Till the next episode one love!! Bises!


4 Responses to “Wrong side of life: Uni memoir”

  1. black panther November 2, 2011 at 7:07 pm #

    cant wait for the next episode 😀

    • pinkauto November 2, 2011 at 8:09 pm #

      I will be posting as often as i can (or when i get bored lol) Thank you for dropping by and showing me some love. Bises

  2. rethots November 2, 2011 at 7:38 pm #

    Ha, seems like we should buckle up for some intriguing writings….

    • pinkauto November 2, 2011 at 8:10 pm #

      Indeed you should, i was young and such a free spirit………… i miss my younger self. I no longer recognize my self any more.

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