Jobs and the challenge

4 Nov

One of my very unfocused friends(yes, i said it, bite me) dared me to write a post or two every day for a week, according to her my attention span is so low that for me to do something for a week would be a miracle. truth is the last two years have taught me a lot, being away from my support system has made me learn patience! I remember when to see me, like go hang out (except for my best friend) you had to make an appointment of sorts, i blamed it on the industry i was in, in the entertainment business all the deals where sealed over a drink. At the end of the night if my friends drunk a little too much, i ended up driving them home. I have since become the designated driver because alcohol and i have failed to be bed mates, every time i meet some on new and they find out i don’t drink, it becomes their next project – teaching Pinkauto how to drink, i simply laugh it off as my friends have shut down a town with their drinking ways and i had to drop them at the hotel(yes we sang till the management almost throw us out at 6am in the morning).

I remember all my friends wanting to be in my shoes because it all looked glamorous, the work hours where crazy, you do the normal working hours like a banker and then you had to mingle after work, i was young and out to have fun so i did not mind partying at the company’s expense, we got into concerts, all the VVIP parties. Client gave us free holidays in places i still can not afford to go to, then something happened……. i got bored and moved to what i though was a more career based job(and partying had gotten to me)

Two years on, i was tired of the ‘new’ job, not because i have a low attention span but mainly because i felt i was being under utilized, for reasons unknown to me, i was moved to head a department four months into the job(i was excited) i called my Dad to tell him about it. My Dad and i are pretty close, he knows every thing that goes on in my life(the clean version of course). They thought i would help improve the level of service but with no support, i could only do so much. I was denied a training budget, not allowed time to personally train my co-workers, so i left and i have never looked back.

I had become very un happy over the last couple of months and being in school never allowed me to see how sad i had become, when that was taken away (i am on a break till end of the year) i was left with emptiness, unfulfillment, resentment and a lot of other emotions that i can not accurately describe (yes it was that bad). I did mention that i was in an abusive relationship with my job but i keep going back, well this time i left and never looked back to say i am relieved is an understatement.
I had several offers, some good and a few bad ones. One of my potential employers asked me why i had turned down the job, if it was money(mbu he would top up) but i did research and found out he was not a good boss (and you just cant tell some one he is a shitty boss!) I simply told him it was for personal reasons and hoped to work with him in the future.

My friend Maurice Kirya performed over the weekend and boy was it awesome, i had forgotten how wonderful he is on stage! He had all the girls screaming(except me of course lol). when the girls found out i knew him, gosh it was like i had lost my mind to think he is a mere mortal.
After the show i met a really hott guy who asked for my number(i was shocked, i think he is way out of my league), he spoke English with a French accent(i find it very sexy) will update as soon as there is any progress in that direction.
All Maurice and the other band members who happen to be good friends as well-kept saying was how great i looked in a dress and they would sleep happy because me in a dress is a rare sight( for the record i wear more dresses these days).

Today we are working half day(Franco-phones rock!) apparently they want to welcome me to the company(last time i only got lunch and only with my department). Initially when i heard of the half day i was yes!! i am going home to sleep!! but then is to welcome me, not going will make me look like a snob. I will go for a bit and then go home.

I have spent the past four weeks, travelling, partying, sleeping, eating and reading. So coming to back to work has not been easy, i still want to travel, the rest can be done while i work.

Ma Cherie, this is the first post for the week(does posting twice in a day mean i can get away with not writing on some days).

Enjoy the weekend and don’t do what i wouldn’t do.



2 Responses to “Jobs and the challenge”

  1. Unfocused Friend November 5, 2011 at 4:26 pm #

    Cherie, i can see you have been busy, will wait till Friday before i can make my verdict.
    We had so much fun at the concert and if i remember you almost reached groupie status!

    • pinkauto November 5, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

      Ma Cherie, groupie status? please……… but we had a great time. You know you will be indebted to me when i win this challenge, right?

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