Anglophone vs Francophone

5 Nov

The difference between my Anglophone(read Ugandan, Kenyan, Zimbabweans etc) and my Francophone(Congolese, Senegalese, Burundian etc) friends is very simple…….. spontaneity. Let me break it down.

My Anglophone friends

AF: “Hi Pinkauto, did Joe tell you we are coming to visit you?
Me: Ah… no
AF: We are at the airport,
Me: Ok……

This is after you had a four-hour chat session with them two days before. When asked why they did not tell you earlier, they simply smile and say ‘last minute decision’. Last time one of my friends pulled such a stunt, i was at the airport checking in and he was getting in, i simply gave him my housemates number and he found his way to our house.

My Francophone friends
( Two months earlier)

FF: Bonjour Cherie, c cava?
Me: Oui, cava, et toi?
FF: Moi, tres bein, J’ai l’intention de venir vous visitez.
Me: Great, when do you plan on visiting
FF: je ne suis pas le jour exactement, mais c’est probable le 5 octobre.
Me: Yipppe!!!!

A month later they send you an email with the itinerary (even have tickets booked) and a few days before they will text you to let you they will be in your town and then call you when they get to the airport. They even have dinner reservations sorted out.

To be honest, i love my spontaneous peeps they make my life colored and insane, this has happened so many times i have lost count, so our home has a well stocked guest room 🙂 and i love the planners too, i get to make them carry the things i love from their country(hahahaha).

One people different languages

It is clear that i am missing  some people. How is it mathematically(or even earthy possible) that my friends are all out-of-town? Even those scheduled to come back today won’t be back till mid-week, majority come back end of the month( i need new friends)

Enough of sad missing you (rather them) it has me listening to sad songs- talking about songs i had to dedicate this song to Uggirl (may be we can do a two people concert some day) 

Take it easy……… Like Sunday Morning.



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