Things i am not looking forward to.

6 Nov

Life some times has a way of throwing you off-balance that you wish you could just skip a certain stage. Today i woke up and for some reason, all i was thinking about are things i am not looking forward to………. so i thought why not make it my post for today?

1. The wedding ceremonies. May be i am just plain lazy but i do not want to go through the hassle of  preparing for all the ceremonies, in Uganda, depending on what tribe you are there are about three ceremonies before you are considered married(mine are actually four!). I am all up for going to the register’s office to get married(even though i am a Christian) as the drama is a lot less. Above all, i hate being the center of attention, it is so un nerving! Truth is i am a very shy person, when i had started dating i asked my then boyfriend to keep the relationship between us until i was ready to deal with the public. But i am looking forward to being someone’s wife.

I like to be anonymous 


2.Growing up. I want to be forever young, to travel, study, work and all those things young people do. When i go home and my friends are all acting old, i wonder if i skipped a stage(i still dress like i did in Uni) and when i visit my married friends my mind tells me……. OMG we are OLD!

3. Moving back home. Much as i love my country, i am just not ready to go back yet, i am thinking of moving country very soon, may be North or Western Africa(no, i don’t want to work in Europe or any other continent).

4.  Going to work tomorrow. For some reason, ll i want to do is travel(i love traveling but not as much as i want to right now!)


So tell me what are you not looking forward to?


2 Responses to “Things i am not looking forward to.”

  1. Ug girl November 6, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    1. broken heart .(dont ask – long story)
    2. Dieing alone though i am not looking forward togetting married anytime soon.
    3. Work tomorrow.
    4. turning 30 though funny enough i dont mind turning 60.

    • pinkauto November 7, 2011 at 7:29 am #

      Hmmm….. heartbreak is like a passage in life, every one needs to go through it.
      ‘ turning 30 though funny enough i dont mind turning 60.’ after 26 it doesn’t really matter if you turn 30. Death…….. no one wants to be alone when it happens, i pray that never happens to me.

      Work, i need a holiday!

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