What’s your vice?

8 Nov

The day i quit, my friends decided to go celebrate (something about me looking like a sick puppy while at work) and my eyes had finally lit up. So we hit up a club(on a Wednesday) to celebrate(who was i to say no?). An interesting conversation came up, every one wanted to know my vice, mbu i am too clean for an insane person(they call me the mad Ugandan). Apparently dancing(while sober) till 6am in the morning does not count. To be honest i couldn’t tell what my vice was! After that night i went home and really thought about it.

My vice……….(drum-roll) …….. WORKAHOLIC, yes, one of those people who will work till midnight and be the first in office the next day. But yesterday got me thinking, may be i am not a workaholic after all because by 2pm, i was so ready to go home, 3pm i was in bed(yes, my job rocks like that) 7pm i was up working and studying till 1am.

Just got an email from my tutor, he is disappointed with our progress and  thinks we do not value early preparations(i need to send him my research). Eish guy can over want… as if.

So what is your vice?


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