The Notes

11 Nov

‘Miss Pinky, remember the  notes you wrote me?'( Yes i remember them), ‘well, my wife found them and it is bad…. Michael Jackson Bad!’ He goes on and on about how is not getting any over the weekend, i listened quietly will pacing in my living room wondering, she has the wrong chic but her suspicions are on point. I have been through this with girl friends, side dishes and wives( have considered dropping the note business).

Call me old-fashioned but i love writing notes and letters as opposed to sending emails and texting or phone calls, one of my friends/client asked me once (with a frown on her face) ‘why can’t you just text me?’ I do text, email and call people but i write as well(on pink paper).

The dilemma my friend was in, he took one of the notes home and his wife(who lives in another country) found it, that is when hell broke loose! I did not write any thing out of the ordinary, except signing off with Bisous  (which is very French), because of the huge fracas it caused i had to meet his wife! (Yes, i wrote her a note as well) and all is well in the house hold.

When my ex found out i wrote letters, he insisted i write him one every week(which i did gladly) and i always looked forward to a reply(but in between we emailed about the letter). Letter writing is very soothing, when i was mad with my BFF, i wrote her a long letter, gave her a book(i wanted her to see where i was coming from) and told her to talk to me after she had read both of them.

About a year ago i discovered one of my girlfriends is an awesome, out of this world card designer, now i happily send out personalized card to people i love, i hope my ex kept the cards i sent as they where so wonderful i kept a copy of each and every one i sent him.

I look forward to when our postal system is as efficient as email.

Friday is here and i have no plan well except my girl is taking me to lunch( i suspect that my chauffeuring services will be required for airport drop offs and pick ups this weekend).

Have a fab weekend y’all.


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