New Routine

12 Nov

Finally woke up to jog today and no rain in sight, i have been trying to get more exercise time in the mornings(no way i am paying for a gym) with all the land available to run.  A lot of people seem to do the morning work out but it was evident i was the only female.

My plan is to lose ten percent of my current weight in three to four months. initially i thought it would reduce my portions and eat healthy(play Ultimate once or twice a week) but it has not been working for the last four months(my weight has been irregular) and i am extremely unfit. So i am increasing the work out to four to five times a week as i realised it only takes half an hour to do a six kilometer run(may be i shall increase it as time goes) this includes stretching and crunches(in case you want to join a yoga mat works wonders).

Because i was up so early, i decided to dye my hair, under the sun, my hair looks like brown fire(not sure) but i am loving it. A lot of my people have been asking what i plan to do with my hair, i am going to lock it,  get a relaxer(never!), cut it off(again?) or simply grow it in to an afro. Right now i am taking one day at a time as i am rediscovering short natural hair but it did cross my mind to cut it off today.

This is a rant: What is with people who like their statuses on Facebook? Don’t you have friends to do that for you? (rant done).


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