Teduo, Okufumba ne ebilala

27 Nov

Ultimate is played on Sunday in almost all countries across the world, usually they are a close-knit family of friends as it takes dedication to play the sport, most of my friends have tried and after one game they give up (no it is not as easy as it looks).  Two weeks ago i started a new routine and i must say it has worked wonders(suddenly i am alive!) no, i have not lost any weight but i have toned a bit, i will keep working out four to five times a week for the next four months(more like the rest of my life) and see how it goes.

My housemate’s decision to hire a chef came with a lot of resistance from me but i lost that battle. I decided to look at the positive things that come with a chef, these are healthier meals(she makes the best fruit salad ever), i get to study and work without thinking of what to cook, i can hold dinner parties with out stress etc but i couldn’t have been more wrong, babe drowns all her food i oil(lots of oil) every time a meal is put on the table i cringe from the amount of oil before me, every thing is fried! from the french beans to the pasta(who fries pasta!). I am back to square one. My housemate on the other hand thinks she is the best thing since sliced bread!

So after work yesterday i decided to make my self some Chapati. For some reason, i have failed to like the ones made in this slow city. I prefer to use whole wheat as opposed to the normal wheat(no one in this city makes them with whole wheat!), i must say i was a bit out of tune as i last made chapati about a year ago. I practically made them every day for three months! The results, awesome healthy high fiber chapati!!

The Golf association invited me to a dinner yesterday and i did not show up(it is bad for business) i could have gone but i chose to stay home and watch documentaries, i think i am finally getting old!

While at work yesterday, my colleague was playing music and it hit me how out of touch i was with the music of today, you have to be exceptional talent or an over hyped musician for me to listen to your music but one song caught my attention Pumpum shorts  while watching the video,  kept wondering why the lady kept showing off her shorts lol! As a teenager we listened to lots of Ragga, Reggae music(you should see us do the shabba dance lol!) and i always thought Shabba Ranks said boom, boom shots! Any way a quick Google search made me think twice about dancing to it again! That aside, all these musicians! gosh how do they make money?  and they all sound the same……. studio engineered!

Have a fab week and remember All things work for the good of those who love the Lord.


2 Responses to “Teduo, Okufumba ne ebilala”

  1. Ug girl November 28, 2011 at 11:50 am #

    omg I say any music after 2005 is crap ..:-) ..lol..

    chef – oil..eewwww…the luxuary of not cooking ..hun thats heaven..:-)

    have a fab week too ..

    • pinkauto November 28, 2011 at 12:34 pm #

      Hahaha, i think music after 2000 is crap. As for the chef, i have resorted to a fruit diet but on not cooking…… i get depressed when i can’t enter my kitchen.

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