Tinni, Minni, Mo and Dancing

28 Nov

I got a call from Minni as i was leaving the office and he wanted to get my opinion on a some thing he intended to venture in to – studies, you see Minni and i are in the same profession and since i had been looking for my next step after becoming Chartered, i quickly jumped in to give him options, he listened(one thing i love about him) and when i was done he says he wants to study Architecture! Gosh at 35 i would not want to be starting another Bachelor’s degree(no way). Just to give you background on our friendship, i found out Minni was not my type and we settled for platonic friendship, he then went on to date and marry to this Muzungu babe, he always told me, “a man should never follow the woman” and him going to study is clearly following the woman. My response was simple, i thought architecture is a great profession(my first crush, ex and bff) are architects but i did voice concerns about him following.

After the conversation it hit me Mo and Tinni are married men too! Among the three i would have settled for Tinni as he ‘got me’ but he was in such a rush to get married, eish! On our first date, he asked me if i would be ready to get married in a year!! I simply told him i was cool with getting married that soon as long as he was marrying himself, that relationship did not get off the ground(in spite of several attempts) he later told me the reason was my view of marriage, simply put i just was not ready to get married then and he was not willing to wait for me(major heart break) my friends warned me but i asked one thing of them, to allow me walk down the road and experience heart-break. Things i learnt from Tinni PDA! He loved to hold hands, kiss(he had the softest lips) and talk about me in public(gosh! you should have seen me blush the first time).

Mo on the other hand thought he had me figured out. After dinner one day, he made a comment about my reservations about marriage, i was so pissed that i told him off(he tried the Christian approach) that was the last time i saw him(good riddance) Christian men can some times lose touch with reality! Being a Christian i have seen my fair share. He was too up tight and me being the mad Ugandan, he tried(bambi) putting me in a box just doesn’t work!!

My views on marriage a simple, when i get to a point that i am ready to crucify myself, i will happily jump the broom. If i get married today and live till i am seventy, i will have spent most of my life married(so why the rush?). At that time in life, it was about ‘me‘ not ‘us‘ that in itself  was a problem, i wanted to travel, met new people, kiss cute guys (and make them cry lol)work and do things people in foreign land do. That said, when the right man for me(not perfect) comes along i will happily marry him the next day.

In other news, my dance partner is getting married in three weeks! Remember him patiently teaching me the Waltz, cha-cha and tango while i impatiently taught him salsa and merengue. About a year ago we met and the first thing he told me “i have new a dance that you need to learn!| Enter Bachata. That is how i can boast that i can dance more than the butterfly and  rubba dub 🙂

i have been thinking about picking up dance seriously as for the last two years i have only danced salsa, Zouk and all the ragga moves. Not to blow my own horn but i am a pretty good dancer and once i am charged to dance we can go till the sun rises! While on holiday last year one of my crazy friends insisted on teaching me how to pole dance(may  i add that the friend in question is a guy) Turned out i was a natural(i should have been a video girl).

Some times i think i was either a taxi(matatu) driver or video girl in my other life!


4 Responses to “Tinni, Minni, Mo and Dancing”

  1. Ug girl November 29, 2011 at 5:56 am #

    Taxi driver – check …video girl – for this i have to see for my self..

    you and i have a salsa date and for some reason i have a feeling we might be in the same country ..:-)

    • pinkauto November 29, 2011 at 9:24 am #

      As soon as my work out routine sorts a few bumps, i will be the perfect video girl. We might just be in the same country, we should hook up for salsa night soon.

  2. Odhiambo December 3, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    Can i be your protégé in dancing? Promise to be good. 😉

    • pinkauto December 3, 2011 at 12:49 pm #

      Hmmm, may be but since you promise to be nice we can work some thing out. Thank you fro dropping by. Bisous

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