One more time: Uni Memoirs

1 Dec
Happy new month people! This month is one of the most special months in the calendar(along with my birth month lol). Today happens to be World AIDS day and most of  us have been affected in one way or the other by this deadly disease. So as we celebrate, please remember better safe than sorry. (Safe depends on your life style choice abstinence/faithfulness or use protection) and of course CHRISTMAS!!! Let the parties begin!! 
So, this post is a continuation of my University days(more like the last few days of Uni). Do bear with me as my emails had grammatical errors(i blame it on my mind moving faster than my mouth and hands).

Today has been a rather cold day but i can say i am about to finish school. Well i do have to say thank you for those encouraging words and i will not let that son of a gun mes me up.

Yesterday i noticed my first email had alot of gramatical errors! it was like i was writing in French! i mean i get instead of i got, christ must have been in a tranz!

Still on my wallet ( i know, i know) but this you have got to hear so this guy who calls him self Denis/ Allan calls me up about 7pm saying i should go to Kasubi and pick up my wallet sounds easy right? So for safety reasons i go with my friend Fanuel. But i got more than i bargined for, i mean i had this tough paper to day and the only thing on my mind was books!

When i got there  no one appeared so we call the guy he then complains about me coming along with a guy! can you imagine?

Any way he sends some guy after the second phone call who asks me for money! I was in shock i mean if you supposedly picked it why would you ask for money. Any way being my mother’s daugher i hard lined on th money issue.But  all was done in vain i guess my little patience run out (it is really lil) i left but Fanuel advised me to call him and be nice (this guy can teach a girl to de tooh some un suspecting guy) can you imagine me being nice on the phone yet all i want to do is rip the guys ***** off! I am only nice when i want to be nice!

So i was nice on the phone,as sweet as honey.

Any way guy did not turn up and decided to reschedule! But not to worry we are organisng for him a counter attack.Enough of this on the other side of life.

Can you belive that my mum just noticed i had coloured my hair? But i guess she liked it. Yesterday i slept over at my friend’s place reason being i colud not concenterate in my room but at least i got a good nite’s sleep.The last time i slept over a friend’s place was my best friend’s because i wanted to watch 24 season 5 and the next day i was sleep walking.

Prayers are what i need at the moment because sad year aint easy.Totally love all of you ( thats why am writing all this crap) Peace ,am out ( got that from Mayanja).


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