Self Discovery

5 Jan

Looking in the mirror today as i got dressed, i thought, your breasts look almost like your sisters. My baby sister is blessed with a huge bust, if i am not mistaken she is a DD cup, my mum a C cup while i on the other hand a B cup(even worse according US standards i am an A cup!!), of course i have been teased of being the biggest yet i have the smallest bust, unknowingly this has greatly affected how i look at my breasts, my bra collection is full of push up padded bra that make me graduate to a C cup, trust me they work wonders!

I realised that most of my friends who have not seen me with out a bra think i am beyond endowed,  lol, they should see me in my swim suit(totally disappointing) one of my long time friends could not believe i wear a smaller bra size than her!

A lot of times i have been asked to speak to a group of young women about self esteem and since i finally hit late twenties, i am finally comfortable in my skin (i kind of detest push up bras now)and this did not happen over night, it has been a long journey of going through the fire to be refined and moulded.

This year i will be writing about my journey, dealing with self-esteem issues, self-hatred and love, mental and physical growth and all. I have learnt that this affected my relationships, academics and even career. Above all it is a process that never ends but learning how to deal with it everyday.

Constant communion with God has been my center to finding myself.

Let’s Journey in 2012 to self discovery.

P.S: This year has started on such a high note if it keeps up like this i will have all the things on my Christmas wish list  very soon

Happy 2012, may it be the year of great things.


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