The year so far

7 Jan

This week has been crazy! meeting after meeting, deal after deal. I have had two job offers and had lunch with two potential employers that i turned down last year. I have practically had lunch and dinner appointments every day of the week, all in the name of chasing paper! Kyaba too much!

Finally moved house, i have decided that the only other housemate i will have will have to be my husband. My upstairs neighbor is true eye candy and he works for  the local airline as a host(yes we be giving him the eye when he is serving us lol) now he is right above me. On the down side the other neighbor’s kids are nosy! been all up in my business asking me about Ben 10 and how to use the camera on my phone(it official i am not getting a TV!).

For the first time i am broke in January since i entered the rat race, now i know what every one talks about being broke at the beginning of the year. To make it worse when i was in Uganda i could not remember the pin to one of my cards, there i was like an idiot punching in numbers!

I want to applaud the Uganda Police and army for the level of professionalism they showed during the festive season, i felt so safe in Uganda. I usually spend the new year’s eve at home but this year i went to Church(last year we partied till 6am or was it 8am?!) and i was grateful to my girlfriends for inviting me to their church, we had a great time and i think i sat next to Mr Potential that night.

Countries/cities on my must visit list this year(apart from those in East Africa) are  Zambia, Dubai, Jo’burg, Nigeria. I have longer list but i realized i have to factor in school(which ends in June). So if you are in any of these cities drop me an email on the best times to visit and we can meet up for coffee or something.

I pray this is the year my parti animol friends in UG stop drunk tweeting!!

Have a fab weekend, i am off to check out the hot spot near my muzigo.


4 Responses to “The year so far”

  1. Mjay January 10, 2012 at 5:14 am #

    Nigeria?? that’s a first, but you go girl!!! I wish you all the best with the jobs and stuff.
    Happy New Year!

    • pinkauto January 10, 2012 at 9:54 pm #

      Yes Nigeria, it has always fascinated me. I do have other cities like Venice,Rome, Milan, Paris but i thought it would be much better if i went with that special some one. Thank you for the kind wishes. All the best this year! Bisous


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