On Banking

11 Jan

I am currently carrying out a survey on Banking (yes, i moon light as a marketing researcher) and i am amazed at how people choose banks. Most said they choose a particular bank because of regional coverage, others customer care(yet almost 75% said they weren’t happy with the service the bank was giving!) May be bankers like Jollof can give us insight on what goes on in the bank.

I detest banks, my mum almost threw me out when i chose a job that paid me a quarter of what the bank offered, i remember being so broke she had to drop me at work in the morning lol!

While presenting to the client i was amazed at how little they know about marketing(self-taught marketers) it is amazing how people think marketing is all about promotion! No wonder every one thinks we marketers are time wasters.

May be it is because of the French culture but the banks this side a really slow, it took up to 10 months to get an ATM card(worse no credit or debit cards!)

Chop sticks rock!

I have discovered that moving is like divorce! You have to split every thing(who takes the fridge, furniture, microwave, cooker, dog etc), so it turns out my housemate got the cutlery. After cooking on Monday,  could not find any cutlery ……… enter chop sticks! When my girl found out, she dragged me straight from the meeting to the store with simple instructions, pick and i pay.(nice to have loaded friends). Yes i picked more than cutlery.



Me rocking pink and black

Today, i woke up too late to play any Ultimate because of school and my moon lighting aka keyo but i had a great game on sunday. Thank God the pitch was dry and not muddy!

So the Uganda traders are on strike, i wonder how it is going to end. That means no shopping down town, the trades in malls are most likely to be open and cashing in on the strike. I guess striking is the way forward.

The coolest part of my job is i get to spend more time at home, most of today was spent writing strategy and emails to clients (of course the usual phone calls) but tomorrow i am going to be swamped with review and client meetings!

Last but not least Nneka is coming to my city! OMG i can not wait to watch her perform as i am a huge fan!

Enjoy the rest of the week!



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