15 Jan

For a non tv person like me, my guilt pleasure is YouTube……. for various reasons of course (mostly the comments they make my day!) but this post is not about why i love(loooooveee) YouTube rather the channels that make my weekends less boring!

Fresh till death:

Am just saying people! This guy is too hilarious and his accent makes it even more interesting, do check out his videos and laugh your heart out.

Acting grl112:

Issa Rea is an upcoming producer and has several web-series that will make you laugh and glued to her channel. I am so in love with The misadventures of Awkward Black Girl, season one just ended and  i am so looking to season two! I can so relate to her in so many ways(never watched any thing on tv that i can relate to the way i do with ABG) and yes i am so team White Jay!!


I recently stumbled on her channel and she is so sweet and hilarious! I love her hair posts and recently her video on ‘Shit white girls say to black girls’ it will have you cracking up!

Not forgetting the channels that upload music and movies! They rock! I finally got to watch Pretty woman a few weeks ago(yes, i am not a movie person either).

Let know your thought on the channels

Have a fruitful week and enjoy Sunday


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