Music: Shuffle mix

20 Jan

I have always said that I love music so while I waited for a client (who was late) I plugged in to my phone (show offs in my opinion say BB, iPhone, galaxy etc. lol!), and shuffled away (usually I never shuffle)! The type of music I listen to is diverse and most times affected by how I am feeling that day. For example if I want to go dancing, I will listen to lots of dance music and I have lots of Dj mixes (the longest being 3 hours!) if I am sad more mellow music, some times when i miss someone, i will listen to a song the reminds me of them. The one trait(which can be a tad bit annoying) is listening to one song all, day, all week and all month(yes, till i can’t stand it any more).

So without further ado my list

  1. I will sing – Maurice Kirya (Never been a first on my playlist!)

  2. Return to innocence – Enigma

  3. Doo be doo – Freshly ground ( I am a certified groupie, my trip to SA this year is to watch them!)

  4. Thinking of you – Frank Ocean

  5. March of Celts – Enya

  6. Bonfire – Childish Gambino

  7. The Mission – Damian Marely

  8. Best Friend – Musiq

  9. Ok, ok – Asa

  10. My Same – Adele

  11. Um Good – Smokie Norful(Had it on replay 5 years ago!)

  12. Won’t be afraid – Damita Haddon (Discovered her husband first but now I can’t get enough of her music!)

  13. Keep it going  – Floacist(She has baby making music!)

  14. Limbo, limbo – Elephant Man

  15. Big Poppa – Notorious BIG( Throw your hands in the air)

  16. Romantic Call – Patra (Gosh this brings great memories!)

  17. How come – Morgan Heritage

  18. Nika – Vicious ( I remember wishing I was Nika as a child)

  19. Owakabi – Chameleon (I think this is one of his best albums ever!)

  20. Baby father – Sade

I have been on a Floacist marathon, Floetic Soul eh banange kyaba too much!


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    […] wrong, i listen to current musicians as well such as Adele, Asa, Freshly ground etc you can view my playlist. I love dancing, some times i dress up in my heels at home and dance all by myself […]

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