3 Feb

Insomnia seems to be my friend today, so i have decided to study(and blog) instead. The post was written a while ago but never got round to posting it

I have been up from 3am, with the amount of studying to finish up my assignments before end of February I think I need to wake up a lot earlier! I decided to let go of ultimate during the week till end of February to give me more time during the week to study.

My cooking has also been greatly affected, I seem to be surviving on bread (brown of course) and herbal tea, sometimes I make chapatis (but under duress)

My boy came to visit and no deadline in the world was an excuse enough to be left home while they partied, so I dressed up real quick (t-shirt Na jeans) and rocked a pair of heels. One of my business partners could not believe I could dance let alone in heels all night (yes the compliments made me walk on air). It was nice to have someone in my bed (very platonic) I did not have to sleep in football socks and a sweater (yes it gets that cold).  I really should start thinking of getting a permanent bedmate.

One of the men in my life (he does not qualify as an ex) came to town; he works with one of those international organizations that have a former American president’s daughter as part of the staff. So we met up over a drink and again it hit me why I thought I was in love with him, I was going through a terrible break up and when I met him, he listened(really listened), made me laugh and we partied in different countries together. My girl totally loved him! I am still in love with him? May be, but we have been through this, he can’t do long distance and is now looking to settle back in Namibia  (while I am still interested in running around).

In Uganda the Kabaka (King of Buganda) has a son (heir to be) not from the Queen. The drama in Kampala (where the Kingdom is) is too much like we say Kyaba too much. Each day has drama. A local radio host Fat Boy is really taking it seriously and has me laughing all day. The comments make me realize that Baganda are one of the most tribalistic tribes in Uganda, telling the rest of Ugandans to go back where they came from! So for a Luo like me who was born in the center of Buganda, studied in Busoga and Buganda, lived all my life in Buganda (last time I went to my parents’ home, everyone said I was a Muganda!).

Is the King above Adultery? Going by his subject’s reactions, he might just be. What they forget is that he is a mere MORTAL!

On a serious note, we are trying to get rid of HIV? AIDS in Uganda and a public figure like the Kabaka is not listening? Several campaigns making rounds are Cross generational sex, Sexual network, generation next. Imagine the kabaka has 6(or is it 5) children and all of them are from different mothers. The latest is from a 24-year-old (he is 56  years!). Of all his children only one is from the Queen (who is a girl).

If you have lived in Uganda, you know how loyal they are to the Kabaka, but the times when Kings had absolute power ended and now they fall in the celebrity bracket and they need to be good examples. Was their need for an Heir? Can’t Sangalyambogo take over the kingdom?

A lot has been said that almost every marriage in Uganda has a child on the side but how many of them announce their illegitimate children like the Kabaka did? Did he consider the Queen’s feelings? How many more illegitimate children shall we be seeing soon? (the joke is he will introduce to us a 12-year-old child soon). How many more women has he been rolling the sheets with to get him a son? It is absurd that most people think the woman is the one who determines the sex of the child! Sometimes I wonder if any of those people went to school (the Kabaka has only one other son for a Rwandan woman). Who is older than the mother of his current baby mama?

One of my workmates is doing her field work and when her supervisor from her University came, I had to stand in as her supervisor. So I met him yesterday (not a very bad-looking guy) and he asked me “out of ten what would you give her’ my reply” I would love to give her 10 over 10 but she is not Neato C lol! Thankfully he did not get the joke.

Bonjour tout le monde.


8 Responses to “Insomnia”

  1. Single Nigerian Man February 3, 2012 at 1:49 pm #

    LOL @ 10/10
    I party with Insomnia almost every night 😦 quite annoying

    • pinkauto February 3, 2012 at 5:04 pm #

      I know the feeling! Insomnia is such a party spoiler! Only this time it went way over board, won’t be able to sleep till tomorrow night!

  2. lloyd February 4, 2012 at 3:26 am #

    clearance!!!!,,,,,, woman is not 24years, she was married in 1999 and sure enough she was not 12years old (that is if you saw her wedding pics). Not everything written about this scandal is accurate. Extortion was involved or else if you knew the Kabaka is very private and by all means no way, would he have announced this child if there was not some kind of threat. This was not a relationship it was some ‘hoodrat’ game gone wrong, issue is how much the King VALUES his life, he needs to quit drinking!!!. Nagginda has been nothing but trouble with only one child in over 10years of course he had to find other kids, this one cannot be heir because his roots and family background is not acceptable in royal qualifications.

    • pinkauto February 5, 2012 at 12:58 am #

      I do know that Jjunju can not be heir, that is why i ask, can’t Sangalyambogo be Queen? Can’t she take over the kingdom? All the King’s children have different mothers! If his current baby mama is a married woman that makes it even worse. Adultery is adultery before God we are equal.

  3. Ug girl February 5, 2012 at 4:53 pm #

    OMG that explains the story i saw with him (the kabaka holding a baby) and i think somewhere some how i saw something about whether the kabaka is above adultry ..oh my – now that makes sense.. Gwe meanwhile when they say we go back where we are coming from – gosh girl i dont have a clue how to even get to Busia..

    Sweets sorry about the insomia – i have serouise bloggers block , and i need to study and knock out month end. Lord help me ..:-((

    • pinkauto February 8, 2012 at 10:16 am #

      Hun, you best stsrt looking for the way to Busia, i did my first trip to the village solo last year. Pole about the blogger’s block, i on the other hand have posting block i wrtie so many posts that never get published! On the Kabaka, he needs to go to the cross!

  4. rethots February 11, 2012 at 2:45 am #

    Many words spoken, let me pick my responses.

    “How many more illegitimate children…?” Maybe, as many as possible as long as he’s still virile.

    “I really should start thinking of getting a permanent bedmate.” Don’t let the Kabaka hear you.

    Come to think of it, if you ask nicely “… (very platonic)…” just could indulge you.

    • pinkauto February 11, 2012 at 8:09 am #

      Hmmm the Kabaka issue led to hate mail but seriously you should check out the current ads in Uganda, guy has not been listening(inspite of them running on the kingdom radio station), some times it is not all about me myself and i!
      “Don’t let the Kabaka hear you.” even if he did, he is not worthy of my affection and i do not belong to him (culturally all baganda women belong to him). On a sad note my plationic bed space seems to be full at the moment but we can work some thing out 🙂

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