The Weekend

19 Mar

Mid last week I was a bit depressed, a lot of things weren’t going my way, I was anxious about so much that I failed to eat! It took interventions from my girlfriends on Thursday for me to eat my first meal of the week( it had to be Indian of course, apparently tea does not count) and a shopping sphere that made me a hundred dollars poorer(but the shoes are so worth it lol!). I sort of stood the neighbor up as well.

My girls decided that we needed girl time so a sleep over/ bonding/movie night was arranged at my home that went downhill when the neighbor passed by, so Lamu and a few other friends inevitably got invited.

I had such a great time that I forgot most of the things that happened that night! All I remember was giggling with Lamu all night. One thing is for sure by the end of the weekend I was over the neighbor(thank God) and he is no longer as fine as he was,  blame it on Lamu, every man who stands next to him becomes ordinary.

It was a wild night that it left my neighbor in a bit of shock (apparently they thought they knew how to party and i was the quiet chick who loves to hang out alone). He went straight from the party to work.  Lamu brings out the crazy in me that we can’t date, it would be writing our death warrant, there are hardly any restrictions to what we do on a night out, I literally have to stay away from him! It would sort of be like this relationship.

This one time at a party, we decided to skinny dip as a bet, the rule was to be able to take off your clothes in the 10 seconds the lights where off and jump in the pool. I remember touching the water just as the lights went on.

When I ask my friends if I look young, they say no, so someone please explain why little boys keep hitting on me!! Where are all the 30+ year old men? this year I am going to socialize more because my mum and mentor are already choosing names for my children! The pains of being in your late 20’s and single. This year, I am ready to dive straight into the dating scene. No more hanging out with myself (lol!)

The high light was, my expat family was in town(more like my friend and her boyfriend) it was like old times, it took me back to when we had just moved and had only ourselves as friends and hang out together, I think I travelled the most during that era, good times I tell you.

‘Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.’  ~John Shirley

Have a fabulous week


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