KONY 2012

20 Mar

While talking to my mum we got into a political debate(as usual) and several topics came up but the most out standing was Kony 2012

Kony 2012 is a hoax! I come from the area(Northern Uganda) that has been affected by the war, my family has been killed and abducted, one of my cousins was his sex slave and has never recovered(in 1996, girls from a school called Aboke) where abducted and she was among them. I was never able to go to my village most of my childhood because of the war but now things have changed, my parents even allow me to go on my own, on my last trip i saw changes, lives are being rebuilt, people are finally getting over the war and people are optimistic about the future, no body wants to hear of him any more, in fact the problem is not war but land, we do not need American intervention at this time, Uganda is a largely peaceful country, we all know it is because of the oil that America is now interested in Uganda, i see us heading to the direction of Nigeria, Libya etc if we are not careful.

Americans come off as the most ignorant people in the world(no offense) they believe any thing, with all the resources available to them, they are too lazy to do any research! They are simply loud and obnoxious people who want to look like they are doing some thing good, i do have American friends so i am not hating, if the reaction to Kony 2012 is measure then they must be some really dumb people living in America.

Oh for the record, we do not live in trees, hunt for our food and all those other things you watch on tv.

Recently, an American producer died in Uganda from a drug over dose, gosh you should have heard what the western press said about it, thugs killed him for the money, gang related, mafia etc, yet the dude had bought the drugs and consumed it willingly! idiots, not our fault you can’t handle. His assistant who was in  coma then, later confessed to doing drugs. What is with Muzungus and Africa? Eish Kyaba too much!!

Writing this post just saddens me, i did not want to write about how selfishly the invisible Children team is being by opening old wounds.

To my friends across the world, educate yourself other wise you might sell your soul for peanuts.


2 Responses to “KONY 2012”

  1. TheRustGeek March 21, 2012 at 2:25 am #

    Good to get a view from closer ‘home’ as it were…. Thanks for sharing…

    • pinkauto March 28, 2012 at 6:13 pm #

      Just seen your comment, your welcome and thank you for reading. Bisous

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