19 Apr

Just a brief update. I am back in the slow city after a week of over indulgence(i even missed my flight!) and reported to work a date late. I love my friends, not until recently did i find out how down to earth they are, after living in a city of pretentious people it was refreshing to go hang around real people.

We threw a bachelor party for the groom, that was so much fun, i had an important meeting in the neighboring country and had  to fly out and back that day, that made me a bit late for the party, i found a bunch of drunk friends convincing the groom to jump from the first floor of the bungalow!! True to his crazy self the groom was about to jump!! We left the party on the way home there was major traffic jam of people going to work and school!! The wedding was too much fun, i swear my brother needs to get married again.

I honestly do not remember what i did the entire week in Uganda but i know i had a great time! I miss home already!

Before i left, my boss decided to terminate my contract, to be honest he beat me to it because i was going to hand in my resignation as soon as i came back from the holiday. I was just waiting for a few things to fall in place, he actually did me a favour because at the end of the month it will be my last day and i will be growing older and moving on to a much better job. The day i came back, i met my new boss to sign contracts and the offer is way better!! Like my girl says, i will have servants lol. Yes this time i am actually a BOSS and only report to the MD.

So yesterday as i was finalizing pending work, i needed to meet the boss with one of the suppliers, he had no clue what we where talking about, he then asks if i could remain and work with the organisation as he had made a mistake terminating my contract!!!! KTM!!  Mbu he listened to the wrong people.

No way i would have gone back even if i was unemployed. i was already going to resign with out a new job.

One by one.This song reminds me of Uganda and my Nigerian friends who surprised me with a visit in Uganda. We even had a one by one dance.

God i pray i will be a fair boss, be open-minded, not quick to judge and understanding.

Oh i think i sort of ended up in a relationship while on holiday……….



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