10 Truths

24 Apr

After my earlier post on misconceptions it was inevitable to do one on the conceptions about moi 🙂 and of course Single Nigerian has been patiently waiting for this post. I blame it on the really bad internet connection over the last couple of days. With out further ado, ten truths about yours truly.

1. I have two sides the quiet one and the really, really talkative me. Some times it seems as if two people exist in me. Some people see the bold me, very few ever see the shy me.

2. I am a workaholic, i come alive when i have lots of work and busy, i tend to balance my life better when busy than the other way round. My current job allows me time to do lots of things but i think i did a lot more when i worked 12 hours a day!

3. I am an old soul in a young body, my taste in music is one thing, i am happy listening to jazz, blues, classical, soul etc on a friday night than go paint the town red, i currently have Nina Simone, Etta James on replay. The funny thing is my current Mr is so young in terms of music, i can’t have a conversation on good music with out going who is that? I mean he is up to date with the music today that i am i awe, don’t get me wrong, i listen to current musicians as well such as Adele, Asa, Freshly ground etc you can view my playlist. I love dancing, some times i dress up in my heels at home and dance all by myself lol!

4. I am very loyal, to my family, friends and employer. I guess it is the reason i have had the same friends from before i could form sentences.

5. I am a Christian baptised in water and the holy spirit.

6. I am a tad bit impatient, some times when i los my cool i will snap at a person but most times i will ignore them

7. My attention span is so low, i have conversations with myself while talking to some one else.

8. Most of my pay goes on lingerie, too bad Victoria secrets does not have a store in my current city.

9. I am a tea addict, my house is full of all kinds of team from across the world. Thanks to my wonderful friends. Nothing beats finding a new tea flavour that is fabulous!

10.  I love fashion, though i do not like dressing up every day, once in a while is ok with me.  Mainly because i can handle the attention for one night but every day is a bit too much for me. My new job, the boss flat-out told me to upgrade and i am really looking forward to putting my girly side to use 🙂 apparently my tom boy style is a no, no. Stalkers tend to be attracted to my style.

This post has taken almost two hours to be completed! Writing about yourself is not easy!

Birthday plans this week. Mr has been informed about the Samsung galaxy note and i know the girls are having a cake made. Dear Lord i will be 30 in a few years!!

Have a fab week.


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