The Pictorial

24 May

Hello Beautiful people!!!

Of late i have been playing around with photo editing, i found myself going through old photos and changing a few things, i had such a great time that i have decided to do a photo post. Since my blog is supposed to be anon and i have no permission from my friends to post these pics, i croped them in an interesting way. Enjoy!

The morning work out,  every time i play ultimate in the morning, my shoes always end up looking like that! In that i had to buy several pairs including football boots not slip on the pitch!

Muddy shoes after a one hour work out

Women we are so attached to our shoes! I wore them to work almost every day!

Gorilla tracking muddy shoes

I had Butler who cleaned and dried my shoes by the next day!

Rocking 4 inches

Nowdays i have to rock heels and dresses to work(not that i mind) i used to worry about my legs, i thought they where so bad and ugly but my mum told me once, ‘when will you ever get nice legs to wear short things?’

Unfriendly weather!

But i must admit, i get tired of the heels when i get home and it has been cold for the last two months. I wear much more comfortable shoes.

This not meant to be a shoe post!!!

So my friends and i have done a lot of things and i thought i do a pictorial of some of the things

Day at the beach with some friends, for some reason he couldn’t let go of his lap top!

Getting ready to go for a swim

We buried a friend in the sand. Lots of fun!!

My first skinny dipping experience

where i want to say my wedding vows.

One of the scariest and best baths of all time

The view from the bath during day time

We did the scary canopy walk! Gosh so much fun

Crazy fun weekend in Nairobi

Bowling with Nairobi peeps, crazy fun!

Dar el salam, i think i left a part of me…

Congo Baby! My scariest trip by far… I shall never go back!

6am breakfast before the game drive

Lake side Breakfast

Dinner(Indian of course) one of our weekly traditions

Did i mention that i love anime?

Have a fab week!


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