Fake Nails

1 Jun

When i moved almost three years ago, i had the shortest nails! All my friends where very familiar with my disgusting nail biting habit. I tried over the years to grow them but always ended up going back to square one on a stressed day(it still happens but in a more controlled way)

What i noticed is how the girls in this city love to look good, the hair in place(i happily rocked unkempt hair for months!) eye brows tweezed all in all well kempt and there i was looking like a villager with ugly nails, so the journey to grow my nails started.

Fast forward two years later, i keep my nails long and neat, the only problem is with out nail polish, they look like i have no blood in me! So i have inevitable have to wear nail polish and that is where the problem starts, every one thinks i wear fake nails! How come they never notice when my nails are not polished? This week alone five of my work mates have tagged at my nails to make sure they are real!

In other news, Call me backward but i recently discovered J. Cole my God he is hott!!! Just the way i like my men.

Bon weekend and happy new month tout le monde!


One Response to “Fake Nails”

  1. Fake Nails August 29, 2012 at 8:33 am #

    thanks….for sharing post with us…..share lots of post with us in future also.!!!!!!!!

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