A tale of Jim and weekend adventures

17 Sep

The weekend was ballistic! OMG so much went on that is making me walk with a spring.

Finally i met a worthy dance partner after mentioning  last week that i was too old for disco i discovered the problem was lack of a dance partner, yes the queen dancer in me needs to find some one of equal footing to be able to dance all night long. A group of older looking men where seated opposite us and every time we got up to dance their faces lit up, it seems we made there night, my friend was a pimp as he had two women to himself. Cheers to a ballistic weekend. Seriously looking forward to my girlfriends visiting.

I took my camera out for a spin on Saturday and it is wonderful!! It put a dent in my pocket but so worth it.

My neighbor got a puppy for his children and he is so cute, he is called Jim, i met him last night and by 4am today he was in my bed lol. No, i am not a puppy thief, the poor thing was placed all alone in a kennel that for some reason is near my bedroom window. The poor thing cried till i had to go get it. One thing people don’t get is when a dog is still young(even if it is a guard dog) it should not be left out all alone. The poor dog finally fell asleep next to me.

He finally fell asleep right next to me

I want a puppy, yes to my future boy friend/husband for my birthday next year i want a shihtzu so get the memo early.

Ultimate was nice, had a great game during the week(thank God for the evening games) but lost both my games yesterday, i hope i will win on Wednesday. Another, i am looking for a running partner, planning to run the marathon in Uganda this year which should be in November, so if you are interested do send me an email and we can touch base. I have never run one before so i might need a lot of help 🙂

Am i the only one who finds work boring? I am bored out of my mind with my new job(even before i finish probation!). I have been thinking of going abroad to study, do my masters to be exact as the professional course i am doing ends early next year(for a while). I only need a title, i can come and do the final paper later(i have the rest of my life to finish it lol). A break to go to school will be nice after all these years of working. Only challenge will be not being employed. Oh, i have already identified a few programmes i would be interested in and working on getting the necessary paper work and above all i need a scholarship. Do put me in your prayers.

Have a fab week mes amies




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