Lessons learnt

18 Sep

Over the last couple of weeks(since school ended) i have had time to rediscover myself outside the study bubble and i am slowly but surely learning lessons on so many things.

1. Be careful what shoes you wear on a night out. Never, ever wear heels if your going dancing with a guy your height. last weekend my guy friend(he was visiting) who happens to be my height kept insisting i take off my heels to dance with him! Lol, never have i taken my heels off because the guy is too short.  Never wear flats when you go dancing with a 7ft guy. Yes, he dwarfs me so much, i have never met a guy who makes me feel short and petite(even in 6 inches) for some reason i decided to wear flats that night  OMG i actually stop around his waist, when he visits i wonder how he manages to fit in my bathroom(even i find it small).

2.  When you are faced with competition(like if you are competing for a promotion), it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, you need to present your self as an intelligent, smart, all round person. That is why i am currently reading the art of seduction(one of the things i got from my ex).

3. Wait, be patient (this is not my greatest strength) wait on God for every thing! Even simple things like a phone call for that guy you like(never call him) but do call your friends(even if they never call you). I have a weird friendship with this guy, all my friends thought we where dating four years ago. He never calls, i call him once in a while to check on him but lately he has started calling me to say hello(he usually calls if he wants some thing). My reaction…… i almost got a heart attack from his calls as they are so out of character, so he needs to give me time to get over the initial call before he can call me again.

4. Go out and make friends. My closest friend is finally leaving, i am stuck wondering what i am going to do. I don’t think i have any one who gets me like she does(many say i have not given them the opportunity) but she knows how to get me to do some thing for example if you want me to get out of my house simply mention Indian or bribe me with strawberries and add a night of dancing. A lot of people simply do not get me. Yes, i have tried to make friends but leaving in a foreign land is not easy. I need free spirit, out of the box, open-minded friends. Who accept you the way you are and do not try to change you.

5. I need a tv, yes i have finally decided to buy a tv, i have my eye on one of those huge ones you can hung on a wall, it fits perfectly on my bedroom wall in my mind.

6. Close your eyes and buy/do it. If you have always wanted some thing and keep putting it off. Please go a head and do it as life is short and when you have kids you might not be able to do or buy some of those things. So now is the time(for all those single people and married too).

The list will keep growing of course but over the last three weeks i have learnt the above lessons(more like rediscovered).

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Yup you guessed it right ultimate time!!


4 Responses to “Lessons learnt”

  1. offshore bank account September 19, 2012 at 4:23 pm #

    That being said, even if you are short, you can still pull off a pair of skinny jeans, but make sure you have a little bit of heel. Skinny jeans tend to shorten you, so wear them with a pair of hot pumps, the combination is just to die for!

  2. Ug girl September 20, 2012 at 3:08 pm #

    OMG i am reading the art of seduction too ..just started it on yesterday’s flight ..:-)

    • Ug girl September 20, 2012 at 3:09 pm #

      oh i forgot to say i have been meaning to read this post since Tuesday but work got in the way.

      • pinkauto September 20, 2012 at 3:38 pm #

        Hahaha, no worries hun, let me know what you think about the book when you are done.

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