Office Drama

27 Sep

Bonjour Mon amies,

I want to put this out there and find out from all of you if i am being paranoid or i am normal, because i find certain things should not be done by people in my age group(though to each his/her own)

My department has only two people(with me doing the donkey work) but my colleague for some reason thinks every one is against her! From the audit department, MD etc it pisses me off that she is using her beauty to gain favors from the big bosses(office gossip is that she slept with the big man) but gossip is wrong as i have been given an office boy friend.

Her and her faithful followers have made it a habit to wear the skimpiest outfits in the name of corporate wear(even my night out outfits are not that short) i get so embarrassed, sometimes when she sits down, her dresses ride up to her butt! My fellow women must we walk around naked all the time? What happened to dignity and self respect? Why do you blame men who hit on you when every day you walk past them half naked?

One day after lunch with one of my guy friends, as he dropped me off at office, the powerpuff girls where standing outside the building and good Lord you could think the company uniform was short skirts. In fact he joked about how i missed the memo as he only see my knees(if he is lucky).

Blondness. I probably work with the blondest person i have ever met. Lord have mercy, i need intelligent people in my life(Please Lord). She can’t read and write properly, you wont believe she had people writting every thing for her, all she does is smile at them(yes, i end up doing the donkey work). I am not hating but i need some one to challenge me mentally.

Vanity: I have never met any one who takes countless pictures like her and her friends. Even the photographer in me id tired of taking their photos. For example for the last week she has taken photos every day(of her outfits) and posted on Facebook. Why not simply start a fashion blog?  When she has a new outfit, the entire office has to know9because she visits most of the departments and struts around the stairs). Even worse every one expects me to be like her! I politely tell them off(in this case i use sarcasm)

Last but not least, copy cat behavior. To have some one copy things you do is very irritating, i am all for learning from people but copying is a bit too much, the last straw is when she started wearing the same perfume as me! I flipped, now i wear three different scents. My male friends said i was being petty but to share an office with some one who smells exactly like you is a no,no!

I am being paranoid?


2 Responses to “Office Drama”

  1. Ug girl September 27, 2012 at 7:08 pm #

    Yes you are being Paranoid…!!!!

    Just Kidding – But Oh my God .. I think they read the wrong memo regarding corporate wear – they say Sex sells but that only in music and film industry at least i believe, oh maybe i am also reading the wrong memo… Tell that girl to be original – same scent is just taking it a little too far… And you know what i havent heard the rumor but i wouldn’t put it past this girl i only know from this post. And no i am not biased

    • pinkauto September 27, 2012 at 7:35 pm #

      Merci Ma cherie, i wish we women would understand that being sexy does not mean walking around half naked. I would not mind if she picked up ultimate or my love for camping and all but my perfume? she hit a raw nerve. About the men, when my boss was coming to town, she went home to change her outfit(to a shorter one) it spoke volumes.

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