Shopping Woes

18 Oct

Last weekend, i went to buy some lingerie and the shop i usually purchase the said items had not restocked, i owned a pair or two of every thing! (yes, i am obsessed with lingerie), it was heart breaking! If you live in Africa, you know how hard it is to find a great pair ,we do not have stores strictly for lingerie. So the next option was to try another shop.

After moving around, some thing caught my eye, a beautiful pink number, so i confidently entered in and asked for a size eight, (American size) or a ten(British), (some times i fit in six American size) the lady manning the shop boldly told me, ‘ you can not be a size 10, your either 12 or 14!’ I simply asked her for a mentioned size and how much will cost me. She had the audacity to repeat how the size is too small for me, not to mention the lady in question was most likely a size 14 or 16. I simply told her to pack them and paid.

Dear Ladies, just because you are huge and can not get off your lazy butt, does not mean the rest of us are doing the same, i try to eat health and work out regularly, so do not go around putting other people down!!! I was so mad but the lingerie was too good to be left behind. And yes, they fitted perfectly, any bigger and i would have wasted  a lot of money. I always tell my girl friends to find out their sizes, it makes shopping easier.

Did i mention i love shopping a lone? Yes, i go out on my own and just wonder, lost in thought, taking in the beauty of the fabrics, finding out pricing(mentally including the items on my next shopping budget). A few years ago my girlfriend was getting married(we where fresh out of Uni) and i did not have a dress! My then boyfriend did not like shopping so i went a lone(thank God). He called me 30 minutes into the shopping process to find out if i was done(I hadn’t even started!). It took another 4 hours before i was done and by then he was tired of calling to check on me :). My excuse was i had bought the cutest belt the day earlier and i was looking for a dress to match lol. He was so sweet, i got a foot rub after all the hard work.

I recently purchased a suit a size 10 and it does not fit! Yet it is such a hot suit! Especially the coat, i need to find a good tailor to fix it for me!

In other news i dropped a bra size 😦 i used to brag how my size was the international size, now i am not, at least my cup size remain the same :).

Is it me or has China taken over the African market, cheap knock off all over the place!

Yesterday, my team won both my games(I play and average of two to three games on an Ultimate night), it was interesting because i was so sleepy! I wonder how i was able to actually run for almost two hours!

Have a great weekend!


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