Dates Woes

19 Oct

Today i read Myne’s blog , she talks about love and romance.

This took me back to a conversation i had with my girlfriend a few weeks ago.

You see, i am a poster child for failed relationships, so much that my longest relationship has been 10 months. That said, i am a hopeless romantic and very traditional in my thinking. It got me thinking, is there some thing wrong with me? I battled with this for so long, so i thought why not ask a friend who knows me so well and will not sugar coat any thing just to make me feel better about myself?

Conversations with Mrs Filipo are always insightful to say the least, if there is one friend i would not mind be stranded with in an island it would be her, she is very down to earth and practical(it helps that she is an architect, building a house will be easy 🙂 )

Towards the end of last year, i had decided to have sex, just for just, so that i could get rid of my virginity because i was tired of it! I tried so many times but failed, i just couldn’t do it.

A close male friend called me last week and for some reason we got in to the marriage topic, according to him, i (along with his sister) are a group of women seated on our holy high chairs thinking we deserve better(men) yet we don’t, what got me off was how we are not trying hard enough to date and constantly rejecting men! Mad is an understatement, it hit me, he is coming to the conclusion because of the conversations i have with him(poor dude) he does not even get 20% of what goes on in my life, ONLY the girl friends know the truth.

Any way, i thought some thing was wrong with me but my girlfriend made it clear that SEX is a big part of men and dating. But my last real relationship, i met a great man who was more than willing to wait and above all ready to marry me, i think in my mind, i believed and still believed that men can wait, if he can’t then he is not worth it.

My self esteem was hitting the lowest it has ever been, going on Facebook and seeing men who could have possibly been mine(surprising, they are dating women who look like me)  happy and i am single.

Until i meet some one who is on the same page, i shall wait.

Thank you love for letting me in on the secret, i know i can be so naive in some of the conversations 🙂 but i am learning slowly but surely and for standing with in on this difficult choice. For the last three years you have listened to me go on and on about a guy only for it to get cold and as we have grown, so has the conversation, we have matured so much,yet still in many ways young.

Have a great weekend


4 Responses to “Dates Woes”

  1. sig. M October 19, 2012 at 6:25 pm #

    ti voglio tanto bene!!!!!! True men r in it for sex among others but so r women to a different extent though…

    • pinkauto October 22, 2012 at 9:59 am #

      Hahaha, i tell you, that conversation got me reflecting on a lot of things

  2. Ug girl October 22, 2012 at 2:49 pm #

    i keep dreaming that i will meet a man who is exciting, who makes my heart go a million miles per hour just by smiling at me …but i am still waiting to meet that man who is all this things but is still willing to wait ..

    • pinkauto October 23, 2012 at 5:47 pm #

      And he shall find you love. How are you?

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