Home, where i belong.

6 Mar

I am currently in Uganda. Long over due holiday. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends.  So much has gone on lots of babies in the picture.

This weekend my family and i are doing a road trip and it happens to be in the town a man i once loved deeply lives, yes i am.going to visit him and his wife. I think enough time has passed and we can be friends of sort. I do admit he was a good friend. A brief drop in wouldn’t hurt. I will update on how it goes.

In other news my girl is expecting! Gosh, i am.super excited!! Already booked god mother position. I slept over at her home last night and came back with lots of sexy, sexy outfits. According to her i should consider them borrowed and should be returned as soon as she slim down hehehe. She wishes.

No serious man in my life. I think i am afraid of commitment Lord help me!

Blogging from my phone as i get my hair braided. Yes after a long time i upgraded hehehe.

Shout out to Uganda girl, Jollof . Virtual kisses to both of you.

Have a fab day.


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