A new journey

17 Apr

Good morning Beautiful people,

I hope you are well and the God Lord has been keeping you safe.

In January, we had a breakfast session at one of the five-star hotels for a friend’s birthday on my return(that was late afternoon) i weighed my self(yes i own a weighing scale) and i was heavier than i had ever been. I was over 74 kilograms! I decided to embark on a weight loss and fitness routine. My target was to lose and maintain 10kgs by the end of the year.

I started by first of all changing my eating habits, more fruit and vegetable and i literally worked out 5 days a week. I chose evenings because morning are tight and i am not a morning person.

1. I run three times a week for about 6 kilometers(If i was in a good mood i run 4-5 times a week)

2. I play ultimate twice a week for two hours minimum.

3. Yoga at least twice a week.

At the beginning i was not seeing any results at all! But i was training for a tournament (i was beyond motivated). January i hardly lost any weight! It drove me to work harder. The tournament came and my team won!! I played so many games that weekend and ended up with a major injury that had me out for over a month. During this time i walked and did yoga mostly. The strange thing is i did not put on any weight.

I returned to actively working out(at a lower scale of 3-4 times a week). It has been about two weeks now. In total i have lost slightly over 7 kilos in the last four months.

I have learnt some lessons while on this fitness journey.

1. During my off time i maintained the weight but was not as fit as before. Weight loss does not mean fitness

2. I worked my body so hard at the beginning and it was so  unnecessary  Now i am going slower and being nicer to my body(I would combine the 6km jog and yoga).

3. Drink lots of water and eat more fruit and vegetable.

4. Motivation. Unlike most people i prefer to work out alone(except for ultimate). I used to make a mango and mint smoothie before i run and that is what made me run back home quickly hehehe or made plans to hang out with friends and it gave me limited time to do the run the sooner i got home and dressed up the better.

5. Do not deny yourself some of the little pleasures in life such as yogurt  chocolate, ice cream not forgetting good food! But all these should be done in moderation. Once a month for the above will not kill you.

6. No alcohol, sugar and carbonated drinks. This was the easiest of them all. I have been alcohol free for like all my life and the two for the last two years.

What you eat is very important. I realized that i ate a lot more than my body needed. I do not eat after 8pm.

So this time while in Uganda, a Kenyan friend invited me to lunch with his friends(it was his first time in Uganda) The HEAT in Kampala was on another level. I think we hit 36 degrees at one point. It was too hot to have a normal meal, i think i hardly ate while in Uganda. I had lots of water and fruit during the day and a light meal at dinner(which my dad monitored hehe) i digress  Any way so we are at his hotel and the waitress is taking our order and everyone(men) order their meals, when it comes to me, i order a salad and sugar free juice. I look up from the menu and good Lord the looks on the men’s faces (except my friend, he is used). If i was being interviewed for girl friend material by his friends, i failed miserably hehe. When it came to paying the bill, his friend said, “i put the salad on your bill?” Like he could not say my meal

I will be updating my journey to let you know how it is going.

Oh, i am currently training for a marathon 🙂

Have a blessed day


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