Update – Half year Mark

27 Jan

Hello beautiful People,

Happy New year(I hope it is not too late). I must apologize  as I have not blogged in such a long time, moving home has been a bit over whelming(I should have taken a few weeks off). It was off the plane and straight to work! Which has been a roller coaster ride.I probably carried on way too much in the first couple of months but I thank God all is well and he has been faithful in so many ways.

I have had so many things go on, I have played in two tournaments since I got home, joined a gym(yes I know) and can fit in a bikini(ok, I could always fit in one) but I am more confident walking a round the pool in one hehehe.

I fell in like with probably one of the hottest men I have ever met, gosh he is movie star material with a temper to match, we started out with an awkward silence/friendship and in the last month or so we are over the awkwardness and now we are in a comfortable friendship which is great(my sister keeps pressing me to do more) but I am not that type of person. During our conversations I found out he is not that intelligent and I love intelligent me, geeks just do it for me(but he is hot!). Yesterday I was seated under a tree waiting my turn to play and he comes and tries to make me wear shades I gave him the brother please look hehehe (I guess I should have been a little more open) I am working on it. I think dating outside your race is a challenge because what I might find appropriate might be totally inappropriate to him. I am trying to find middle ground to get out of the uncomfortable zone. (I never thought I would even consider dating out side my race but I guess with age comes maturity)

Yes I finally moved out of home, I lived with my parents for a few weeks and moved in with my brother(who is amazing!!).

One thing that is still pending is catching up with all my friends, because of the work schedule it has been almost impossible to meet up with my friends(hopefully the wedding season coming up will be a good one). So this year I am putting more effort to met up with my friends.

Lastly I have embarked on a 40 day fast with my Church(never done that before) day 8 is here and I am super excited, only good things this year.

I hope to get married this year(I shall get back to  you at the end of the year, so keep me in prayer)

Have blessed week



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