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Three year Anniversary!!

1 Apr

Today is my third blogville anniversary!

It happens to be my girl’s birthday. Happy birthday Flo,flo! I miss you, can’t wait to be an aunt real soon.

So much has gone on in the last three years, lots of growth, disappointment but mostly a lot of love.

A big thank you to Ugandan Girl, Jollof, Rethots (yes-o) for always dropping by and spreading the love.

I think i met him yesterday!! Ok, i met him a while back but never really thought about him( i usually sit next to him at church) but yesterday some thing happened and i am excited! He is every thing i have prayed for(except his shoes) but we can work on that hehehe

Three years and still standing!!

Three years and still standing!!

In other news my really cool Boss is taking me to dinner for my birthday! I am already excited although it is in four weeks. I love my Boss!! God has surely blessed me with a wonderful mentor at work.


Waiting for you

28 Sep

I have a thing for a married man and i don’t know what to do about it.

Tried denying it(yes Mrs Filipo lol) and said i want only friendship from him(truth is i do need new friends).

I met him at an event(did not notice him) but for some reason we met at the stairs and this handsome tall man ask me ‘where are you from?’ i thought that was the strangest question to ask some one you did not know but it later turns out he is Ugandan! He thought i was a local(the girls are really pretty here) i guess it was a compliment lol.  So we hang out a few times.All this time he has no ring on his finger and never spoke about his wife.

I have many married friends i hang out with and no one ever suspects we are going out but with him, every one keeps asking questions(soon i will stop saying we are just friends). Then i discover he is married, i tell myself we can be friends, no biggie but the truth is i  wanted more than just friendship, i wish i had met him earlier in life, he would have been the perfect man but he belongs to some one else.

So i got into get rid of him mode, i knew i was not going to be able to do it(until i got over him) , it had to be him to do it. During one of our chill out sessions, i mentioned that i do not believe in sex before marriage and recently  he brought it up. So i thought, this is your chance!!! I blurted it out that i was still a virgin and waiting till i got married(you should have seen the look on his face). He has been a tad bit distant since then, yes it hurts but i know it is for the best.

Sin does not only happen physically but in the mind(he only got a peck from me), in my thoughts i have committed adultery and fornicated, every day i ask God to forgive me

Matthew 5:28But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart

I want my own man, one who has been waiting for me as i have been waiting for him, one who is after God’s heart, who will love me for me and when we get married, wear his ring proudly,be the father of our children, talk about me and carry numerous pictures of me lol

I used to listen to this song a lot. I will wait for you, i dream about you, waiting for the look in you eyes when we meet for the first time.

So many times i have almost strayed but God has always been there to set me straight. So i will wait and most importantly let go.

I actually cried while writing this post.

The Transition

26 Sep

Yesterday, i asked a few friends a few questions about my blog and it was interesting to find out that i come off really girly! My sister simply said it was typically me lol(i always stop mid way in a conversation deep in thought). I actually did not think i came off as girly. When did the actual transition happen?

One of my friends said she could not really place when i made the flip from tom boy to girly (neither could i at that time) but after thinking and thinking, it hit me, almost three years ago is when i flipped from tom boy to gradually becoming girly me and for no other reason but LOVE. Yes, i fell in love three years ago, in my mind i was preparing to be some one’s wife. There are a number of changes that have gone on that i can hardly remember my tom boy self.

1. I love flowers. I never, ever loved flowers, infact for a man to buy me flowers they really did nto know me at all. I still dislike roses but i love carnations! Each flower has a distinctive unique feature that i love so very much. To bad French men do not consider them a beauty as it has a bad history. It might take a life time for them to be sold here. *sigh*

Isn’t it a beauty?

2. I finally figured out dating. Being one of the boys, i found it strange for a guy to be hitting on me and was so clueless on when i was being hit on! Gosh, my girl friends game me lessons via skype from Milan and Delhi lol! Now i can flirt easily but still have a lot to learn.

3. Dresses and heels. Today my girl friend commented at lunch that i had finally worn trousers. With out even knowing it i have become so girly! Gosh, i only own 3 pairs of jeans and three work pants but countless skirts and dresses. Every time i am dressing up the first thing i pick is a skirt or dress! My converse old stars have been totally neglected(poor baby)

4.  I cry more often than i used to, not sure why but i try not to do it in public lol.

5. I have more girl friends than i have ever had in my entire life, not only that but i spend  a lot more time with them than my male friends. (Some thing i wish i had done earlier in life). The myth about female friendships needs to stop!

6. I love going to the spa, yes it is very relaxing! Only challenge i have is the amount of time spent there lol

But i must admit there are some things i don’t think i will ever get used to or like such as going to the saloon, it used to take about 4 hours to get my hair done, currently it takes two hours in between making chapati and avocado wrap 🙂

I am off to play Ultimate(yes, yes, you must be tired of hearing it) but i won all my games last Wednesday and lost one on Sunday.

Have a fab evening Mon amies

Lessons learnt

18 Sep

Over the last couple of weeks(since school ended) i have had time to rediscover myself outside the study bubble and i am slowly but surely learning lessons on so many things.

1. Be careful what shoes you wear on a night out. Never, ever wear heels if your going dancing with a guy your height. last weekend my guy friend(he was visiting) who happens to be my height kept insisting i take off my heels to dance with him! Lol, never have i taken my heels off because the guy is too short.  Never wear flats when you go dancing with a 7ft guy. Yes, he dwarfs me so much, i have never met a guy who makes me feel short and petite(even in 6 inches) for some reason i decided to wear flats that night  OMG i actually stop around his waist, when he visits i wonder how he manages to fit in my bathroom(even i find it small).

2.  When you are faced with competition(like if you are competing for a promotion), it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, you need to present your self as an intelligent, smart, all round person. That is why i am currently reading the art of seduction(one of the things i got from my ex).

3. Wait, be patient (this is not my greatest strength) wait on God for every thing! Even simple things like a phone call for that guy you like(never call him) but do call your friends(even if they never call you). I have a weird friendship with this guy, all my friends thought we where dating four years ago. He never calls, i call him once in a while to check on him but lately he has started calling me to say hello(he usually calls if he wants some thing). My reaction…… i almost got a heart attack from his calls as they are so out of character, so he needs to give me time to get over the initial call before he can call me again.

4. Go out and make friends. My closest friend is finally leaving, i am stuck wondering what i am going to do. I don’t think i have any one who gets me like she does(many say i have not given them the opportunity) but she knows how to get me to do some thing for example if you want me to get out of my house simply mention Indian or bribe me with strawberries and add a night of dancing. A lot of people simply do not get me. Yes, i have tried to make friends but leaving in a foreign land is not easy. I need free spirit, out of the box, open-minded friends. Who accept you the way you are and do not try to change you.

5. I need a tv, yes i have finally decided to buy a tv, i have my eye on one of those huge ones you can hung on a wall, it fits perfectly on my bedroom wall in my mind.

6. Close your eyes and buy/do it. If you have always wanted some thing and keep putting it off. Please go a head and do it as life is short and when you have kids you might not be able to do or buy some of those things. So now is the time(for all those single people and married too).

The list will keep growing of course but over the last three weeks i have learnt the above lessons(more like rediscovered).

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Yup you guessed it right ultimate time!!

A tale of Jim and weekend adventures

17 Sep

The weekend was ballistic! OMG so much went on that is making me walk with a spring.

Finally i met a worthy dance partner after mentioning  last week that i was too old for disco i discovered the problem was lack of a dance partner, yes the queen dancer in me needs to find some one of equal footing to be able to dance all night long. A group of older looking men where seated opposite us and every time we got up to dance their faces lit up, it seems we made there night, my friend was a pimp as he had two women to himself. Cheers to a ballistic weekend. Seriously looking forward to my girlfriends visiting.

I took my camera out for a spin on Saturday and it is wonderful!! It put a dent in my pocket but so worth it.

My neighbor got a puppy for his children and he is so cute, he is called Jim, i met him last night and by 4am today he was in my bed lol. No, i am not a puppy thief, the poor thing was placed all alone in a kennel that for some reason is near my bedroom window. The poor thing cried till i had to go get it. One thing people don’t get is when a dog is still young(even if it is a guard dog) it should not be left out all alone. The poor dog finally fell asleep next to me.

He finally fell asleep right next to me

I want a puppy, yes to my future boy friend/husband for my birthday next year i want a shihtzu so get the memo early.

Ultimate was nice, had a great game during the week(thank God for the evening games) but lost both my games yesterday, i hope i will win on Wednesday. Another, i am looking for a running partner, planning to run the marathon in Uganda this year which should be in November, so if you are interested do send me an email and we can touch base. I have never run one before so i might need a lot of help 🙂

Am i the only one who finds work boring? I am bored out of my mind with my new job(even before i finish probation!). I have been thinking of going abroad to study, do my masters to be exact as the professional course i am doing ends early next year(for a while). I only need a title, i can come and do the final paper later(i have the rest of my life to finish it lol). A break to go to school will be nice after all these years of working. Only challenge will be not being employed. Oh, i have already identified a few programmes i would be interested in and working on getting the necessary paper work and above all i need a scholarship. Do put me in your prayers.

Have a fab week mes amies



Struggles and Insecurities

7 Aug

Bonjour tout le monde!

Writer’s block and a host of other things is to blame for not being able to blog over the last couple of months but to be honest, i have been struggling with a lot of things, a lot of them are in my mind.

Lately i have been bothered about my size, how much weight i have put on(even if it is in my mind) and most especially my inability to work out, with the busy work schedule it is almost impossible.

My age, the big 30 is knocking at my door and honestly i am looking forward to what the next few years have to offer but it is becoming clearer that i look under 25 with extensions and 22 with short hair! I always thought i looked older(when i was 18 every one thought i was 24) but as i have grown older it becomes more apparent that i look so young. I know i am supposed to be excited and over the moon that i look younger but it scares me.

Being single. In April my ex came to visit and we talked about a lot of things and those are the things i wanted, a stable relationship, marriage, children, a home etc. Yes i went back to him but i quickly realized a tiger does not change its stripes, in less than two months i was single again, too much drama and the long distance did not help.

My friends are moving country, being in a foreign land especially one with so much history of mistrust, it is hard to make friends, i hardly have any friends any more, on Friday i said bye to a friend who moved back to Uganda and today to a friend moving back to the States. Over the next couple of months my small circle will shrink to four people(who travel like it is getting out of fashion), how am i going to survive!!

Lastly i made a new friend, he is tall, dark and handsome :), only thing is he is too uptight but he makes me smile and every time he comments on how young i am, it does not bother. No i am not in love but i need new friends!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, i sent out an invitation to hang out on a week day, knowing my friends, i did not expect any of them to show up but all of them did(yes i had to pick up two of them from the airport) but it was a great night out, my new friend found it a bit hard to fit in as my friends are out going and drink like fish! He left early but i got home at 4am and the drunkards hardly remembered what they did that night lol!

In other news my mum is back in Uganda, i am trying to get a few days off so that we can do a family trip to see my grandma.

Have a fab week and enjoy the new month. Is it just me or is the year running way too fast?

Update: So one of my BFFs comment on this post via Skype, one word Vanity! Yes, i am vain(i have a blog about myself lol) but the truth is as you climb higher in the corporate ladder, everyone looks down at you, my current job, i had all sorts of hardships from the team below and above me because they thought i was too young(no one asked, they all assumed) It did not matter how much i played dress up, the management thought it was their job to tell me how to dress and do my hair, how come my older looking colleague did not get any advice yet half the time she looks like a club goer? Thank God over the last couple of months i have won some over.

The question i asked my friend, is it too much to ask if i looked my age or even close to my age? not all women want to look younger like the media implies. Yes, i look forward to being old and grey.


The Pictorial

24 May

Hello Beautiful people!!!

Of late i have been playing around with photo editing, i found myself going through old photos and changing a few things, i had such a great time that i have decided to do a photo post. Since my blog is supposed to be anon and i have no permission from my friends to post these pics, i croped them in an interesting way. Enjoy!

The morning work out,  every time i play ultimate in the morning, my shoes always end up looking like that! In that i had to buy several pairs including football boots not slip on the pitch!

Muddy shoes after a one hour work out

Women we are so attached to our shoes! I wore them to work almost every day!

Gorilla tracking muddy shoes

I had Butler who cleaned and dried my shoes by the next day!

Rocking 4 inches

Nowdays i have to rock heels and dresses to work(not that i mind) i used to worry about my legs, i thought they where so bad and ugly but my mum told me once, ‘when will you ever get nice legs to wear short things?’

Unfriendly weather!

But i must admit, i get tired of the heels when i get home and it has been cold for the last two months. I wear much more comfortable shoes.

This not meant to be a shoe post!!!

So my friends and i have done a lot of things and i thought i do a pictorial of some of the things

Day at the beach with some friends, for some reason he couldn’t let go of his lap top!

Getting ready to go for a swim

We buried a friend in the sand. Lots of fun!!

My first skinny dipping experience

where i want to say my wedding vows.

One of the scariest and best baths of all time

The view from the bath during day time

We did the scary canopy walk! Gosh so much fun

Crazy fun weekend in Nairobi

Bowling with Nairobi peeps, crazy fun!

Dar el salam, i think i left a part of me…

Congo Baby! My scariest trip by far… I shall never go back!

6am breakfast before the game drive

Lake side Breakfast

Dinner(Indian of course) one of our weekly traditions

Did i mention that i love anime?

Have a fab week!