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A new journey

17 Apr

Good morning Beautiful people,

I hope you are well and the God Lord has been keeping you safe.

In January, we had a breakfast session at one of the five-star hotels for a friend’s birthday on my return(that was late afternoon) i weighed my self(yes i own a weighing scale) and i was heavier than i had ever been. I was over 74 kilograms! I decided to embark on a weight loss and fitness routine. My target was to lose and maintain 10kgs by the end of the year.

I started by first of all changing my eating habits, more fruit and vegetable and i literally worked out 5 days a week. I chose evenings because morning are tight and i am not a morning person.

1. I run three times a week for about 6 kilometers(If i was in a good mood i run 4-5 times a week)

2. I play ultimate twice a week for two hours minimum.

3. Yoga at least twice a week.

At the beginning i was not seeing any results at all! But i was training for a tournament (i was beyond motivated). January i hardly lost any weight! It drove me to work harder. The tournament came and my team won!! I played so many games that weekend and ended up with a major injury that had me out for over a month. During this time i walked and did yoga mostly. The strange thing is i did not put on any weight.

I returned to actively working out(at a lower scale of 3-4 times a week). It has been about two weeks now. In total i have lost slightly over 7 kilos in the last four months.

I have learnt some lessons while on this fitness journey.

1. During my off time i maintained the weight but was not as fit as before. Weight loss does not mean fitness

2. I worked my body so hard at the beginning and it was so  unnecessary  Now i am going slower and being nicer to my body(I would combine the 6km jog and yoga).

3. Drink lots of water and eat more fruit and vegetable.

4. Motivation. Unlike most people i prefer to work out alone(except for ultimate). I used to make a mango and mint smoothie before i run and that is what made me run back home quickly hehehe or made plans to hang out with friends and it gave me limited time to do the run the sooner i got home and dressed up the better.

5. Do not deny yourself some of the little pleasures in life such as yogurt  chocolate, ice cream not forgetting good food! But all these should be done in moderation. Once a month for the above will not kill you.

6. No alcohol, sugar and carbonated drinks. This was the easiest of them all. I have been alcohol free for like all my life and the two for the last two years.

What you eat is very important. I realized that i ate a lot more than my body needed. I do not eat after 8pm.

So this time while in Uganda, a Kenyan friend invited me to lunch with his friends(it was his first time in Uganda) The HEAT in Kampala was on another level. I think we hit 36 degrees at one point. It was too hot to have a normal meal, i think i hardly ate while in Uganda. I had lots of water and fruit during the day and a light meal at dinner(which my dad monitored hehe) i digress  Any way so we are at his hotel and the waitress is taking our order and everyone(men) order their meals, when it comes to me, i order a salad and sugar free juice. I look up from the menu and good Lord the looks on the men’s faces (except my friend, he is used). If i was being interviewed for girl friend material by his friends, i failed miserably hehe. When it came to paying the bill, his friend said, “i put the salad on your bill?” Like he could not say my meal

I will be updating my journey to let you know how it is going.

Oh, i am currently training for a marathon 🙂

Have a blessed day


Three year Anniversary!!

1 Apr

Today is my third blogville anniversary!

It happens to be my girl’s birthday. Happy birthday Flo,flo! I miss you, can’t wait to be an aunt real soon.

So much has gone on in the last three years, lots of growth, disappointment but mostly a lot of love.

A big thank you to Ugandan Girl, Jollof, Rethots (yes-o) for always dropping by and spreading the love.

I think i met him yesterday!! Ok, i met him a while back but never really thought about him( i usually sit next to him at church) but yesterday some thing happened and i am excited! He is every thing i have prayed for(except his shoes) but we can work on that hehehe

Three years and still standing!!

Three years and still standing!!

In other news my really cool Boss is taking me to dinner for my birthday! I am already excited although it is in four weeks. I love my Boss!! God has surely blessed me with a wonderful mentor at work.

Shopping Woes

18 Oct

Last weekend, i went to buy some lingerie and the shop i usually purchase the said items had not restocked, i owned a pair or two of every thing! (yes, i am obsessed with lingerie), it was heart breaking! If you live in Africa, you know how hard it is to find a great pair ,we do not have stores strictly for lingerie. So the next option was to try another shop.

After moving around, some thing caught my eye, a beautiful pink number, so i confidently entered in and asked for a size eight, (American size) or a ten(British), (some times i fit in six American size) the lady manning the shop boldly told me, ‘ you can not be a size 10, your either 12 or 14!’ I simply asked her for a mentioned size and how much will cost me. She had the audacity to repeat how the size is too small for me, not to mention the lady in question was most likely a size 14 or 16. I simply told her to pack them and paid.

Dear Ladies, just because you are huge and can not get off your lazy butt, does not mean the rest of us are doing the same, i try to eat health and work out regularly, so do not go around putting other people down!!! I was so mad but the lingerie was too good to be left behind. And yes, they fitted perfectly, any bigger and i would have wasted  a lot of money. I always tell my girl friends to find out their sizes, it makes shopping easier.

Did i mention i love shopping a lone? Yes, i go out on my own and just wonder, lost in thought, taking in the beauty of the fabrics, finding out pricing(mentally including the items on my next shopping budget). A few years ago my girlfriend was getting married(we where fresh out of Uni) and i did not have a dress! My then boyfriend did not like shopping so i went a lone(thank God). He called me 30 minutes into the shopping process to find out if i was done(I hadn’t even started!). It took another 4 hours before i was done and by then he was tired of calling to check on me :). My excuse was i had bought the cutest belt the day earlier and i was looking for a dress to match lol. He was so sweet, i got a foot rub after all the hard work.

I recently purchased a suit a size 10 and it does not fit! Yet it is such a hot suit! Especially the coat, i need to find a good tailor to fix it for me!

In other news i dropped a bra size 😦 i used to brag how my size was the international size, now i am not, at least my cup size remain the same :).

Is it me or has China taken over the African market, cheap knock off all over the place!

Yesterday, my team won both my games(I play and average of two to three games on an Ultimate night), it was interesting because i was so sleepy! I wonder how i was able to actually run for almost two hours!

Have a great weekend!

Random thoughts

20 Sep

Bonjour Mes Amies,

Yesterday i spent a better part of the afternoon with auditors and aren’t they the worst ! Gosh every small thing had to be accounted for(which i don’t mind doing) but i had to present lists of guests attending functions, all meeting reports that led up to the event, every single promotional item had to be counted and signed for, very frustrating!

Any way while in the dilemma which was already terrible, one of the auditors, who happened to be from Nigeria did not smell very fresh(i thought it was because it was afternoon but the weather has been really cool, and he shared a name with you rethots lol, (yes no more asking me for gist) any way it got me thinking  what are  my fears? I started to randomly think about lots of things

1. Bad body odor: Yes this had to be part of the list, this one time(i was really young) i did not want to bath and it was the first day of school(yes, the tom boy in me) i mean guys could do it easily. My parents drove me to school that day and they totally dissed me about how bad i smelt, it was so bad that they stopped by a shop and bought me deodorant lol. From that day, i cant walk out of the house with out smelling decent lol(sadly i am allergic to strong scents). That is why i have a thing for men who smell nice, Lamu always smelt nice, always. I always found myself sniffing his neck lol. I don’t mind the usual soap and water, as long as you smell clean.

2. Being blond: As i child, i never considered myself beautiful, i was shapeless, fat, not stylish(if only i had known) and really all i had going for me was my brain and humor. Yet i was not considered the most brilliant in class. I have come to discover as i grow older is not being the first in class does not mean your are not brilliant but finding that one thing that you are good at and working on it. Lately i am being told how intelligent and brilliant i am, if only i had been told that earlier. The thing that scares me now is to be hired for my looks other than my brain. I thank God i am out growing the quirky tom boy look and embracing my femininity, there is nothing wrong with being both beauty and brains.

3. Chicken. I know it might be strange for a fun-loving person like me who is cool with dogs to fear chicken. I think i had a childhood experience of being scratched by hens(though i do not remember it). This time, my then boyfriend and i went out-of-town for a weekend and on our way back, the matatu was loaded with hens in the back sit(after we had sat) Gosh i was so terrified, thank God he was such a darling, i happily stretched my legs on him the entire journey. But i love chicken when cooked of course.

4. I think my most random thought is ending up alone, i fear with the way things are going i might never be found by him, i know, i know in his own time God will grant me my heart’s desire. are my standards too high? Should i lower them? I have tried but God has always been clear on what i should be waiting for.

5 Retirement: I had planned to retire by 30(yes a big dream) but i might have to make a few changes, i would love to bring up my children, yes the career woman in me is more than willing to stay home and be a house wife(with a budding business on the side of course). If my husband ever mentioned it, i would probably think about it but not for long and quit to look after the children.

Did i mention i am a target worker? Yes my target is the weekend.

Enjoy today as tomorrow will have its own pleasures.

Lessons learnt

18 Sep

Over the last couple of weeks(since school ended) i have had time to rediscover myself outside the study bubble and i am slowly but surely learning lessons on so many things.

1. Be careful what shoes you wear on a night out. Never, ever wear heels if your going dancing with a guy your height. last weekend my guy friend(he was visiting) who happens to be my height kept insisting i take off my heels to dance with him! Lol, never have i taken my heels off because the guy is too short.  Never wear flats when you go dancing with a 7ft guy. Yes, he dwarfs me so much, i have never met a guy who makes me feel short and petite(even in 6 inches) for some reason i decided to wear flats that night  OMG i actually stop around his waist, when he visits i wonder how he manages to fit in my bathroom(even i find it small).

2.  When you are faced with competition(like if you are competing for a promotion), it doesn’t matter how brilliant you are, you need to present your self as an intelligent, smart, all round person. That is why i am currently reading the art of seduction(one of the things i got from my ex).

3. Wait, be patient (this is not my greatest strength) wait on God for every thing! Even simple things like a phone call for that guy you like(never call him) but do call your friends(even if they never call you). I have a weird friendship with this guy, all my friends thought we where dating four years ago. He never calls, i call him once in a while to check on him but lately he has started calling me to say hello(he usually calls if he wants some thing). My reaction…… i almost got a heart attack from his calls as they are so out of character, so he needs to give me time to get over the initial call before he can call me again.

4. Go out and make friends. My closest friend is finally leaving, i am stuck wondering what i am going to do. I don’t think i have any one who gets me like she does(many say i have not given them the opportunity) but she knows how to get me to do some thing for example if you want me to get out of my house simply mention Indian or bribe me with strawberries and add a night of dancing. A lot of people simply do not get me. Yes, i have tried to make friends but leaving in a foreign land is not easy. I need free spirit, out of the box, open-minded friends. Who accept you the way you are and do not try to change you.

5. I need a tv, yes i have finally decided to buy a tv, i have my eye on one of those huge ones you can hung on a wall, it fits perfectly on my bedroom wall in my mind.

6. Close your eyes and buy/do it. If you have always wanted some thing and keep putting it off. Please go a head and do it as life is short and when you have kids you might not be able to do or buy some of those things. So now is the time(for all those single people and married too).

The list will keep growing of course but over the last three weeks i have learnt the above lessons(more like rediscovered).

I am really looking forward to tomorrow. Yup you guessed it right ultimate time!!

Insomnia and the weekend

10 Sep

Insomnia is my friend today, can’t get a wink of sleep, maybe I shouldn’t have slept all day today, only woke up in time to play Ultimate.

This weekend turned out better than expected. Friday morning had me bored out of my mind and wondering what I would do all weekend. With school and all I always had something to do over the weekend but since I have decided to take a one month break (which I might reduce to two weeks) I feel like there is a void in my life.

I met new people this weekend (yippee!!)  got invited to a Ghanaian/ Nigerian party on Saturday and boy did I have a blast, we had lots of board games and video games so it was really cool, got home at 3am. Another thing I discovered am too old for disco (club as they call it now day’s lol).Went clubbing on Friday, though the DJ was banging, couldn’t dance as much as I used to. I guess I will have to wait for mygirlfriends to visit because this city is cramping my style.

Last week this incredible hot French man asked me out to a drink (of course I said yes) but when I discovered there was an ultimate game on the same day as the date, i chose ultimate, tried to reschedule but for some reason we were too busy and he had to leave for Paris end of the week, I guess that drink will have to wait till he comes back.

As for my date (more like two friends hanging out), we had a great time he looked smoking hot in his suit and he was such a gentleman. No i did not cry(almost did) but i  had to keep it together.

I need a holiday!! Sand and sunshine. On the other hand I am looking forward to the new week, my camera arrives tomorrow. Yes, I start my first step to retirement, baby steps but we shall get there.

Have a fab week.

Struggles and Insecurities

7 Aug

Bonjour tout le monde!

Writer’s block and a host of other things is to blame for not being able to blog over the last couple of months but to be honest, i have been struggling with a lot of things, a lot of them are in my mind.

Lately i have been bothered about my size, how much weight i have put on(even if it is in my mind) and most especially my inability to work out, with the busy work schedule it is almost impossible.

My age, the big 30 is knocking at my door and honestly i am looking forward to what the next few years have to offer but it is becoming clearer that i look under 25 with extensions and 22 with short hair! I always thought i looked older(when i was 18 every one thought i was 24) but as i have grown older it becomes more apparent that i look so young. I know i am supposed to be excited and over the moon that i look younger but it scares me.

Being single. In April my ex came to visit and we talked about a lot of things and those are the things i wanted, a stable relationship, marriage, children, a home etc. Yes i went back to him but i quickly realized a tiger does not change its stripes, in less than two months i was single again, too much drama and the long distance did not help.

My friends are moving country, being in a foreign land especially one with so much history of mistrust, it is hard to make friends, i hardly have any friends any more, on Friday i said bye to a friend who moved back to Uganda and today to a friend moving back to the States. Over the next couple of months my small circle will shrink to four people(who travel like it is getting out of fashion), how am i going to survive!!

Lastly i made a new friend, he is tall, dark and handsome :), only thing is he is too uptight but he makes me smile and every time he comments on how young i am, it does not bother. No i am not in love but i need new friends!!!!

A couple of weeks ago, i sent out an invitation to hang out on a week day, knowing my friends, i did not expect any of them to show up but all of them did(yes i had to pick up two of them from the airport) but it was a great night out, my new friend found it a bit hard to fit in as my friends are out going and drink like fish! He left early but i got home at 4am and the drunkards hardly remembered what they did that night lol!

In other news my mum is back in Uganda, i am trying to get a few days off so that we can do a family trip to see my grandma.

Have a fab week and enjoy the new month. Is it just me or is the year running way too fast?

Update: So one of my BFFs comment on this post via Skype, one word Vanity! Yes, i am vain(i have a blog about myself lol) but the truth is as you climb higher in the corporate ladder, everyone looks down at you, my current job, i had all sorts of hardships from the team below and above me because they thought i was too young(no one asked, they all assumed) It did not matter how much i played dress up, the management thought it was their job to tell me how to dress and do my hair, how come my older looking colleague did not get any advice yet half the time she looks like a club goer? Thank God over the last couple of months i have won some over.

The question i asked my friend, is it too much to ask if i looked my age or even close to my age? not all women want to look younger like the media implies. Yes, i look forward to being old and grey.