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Update – Half year Mark

27 Jan

Hello beautiful People,

Happy New year(I hope it is not too late). I must apologize  as I have not blogged in such a long time, moving home has been a bit over whelming(I should have taken a few weeks off). It was off the plane and straight to work! Which has been a roller coaster ride.I probably carried on way too much in the first couple of months but I thank God all is well and he has been faithful in so many ways.

I have had so many things go on, I have played in two tournaments since I got home, joined a gym(yes I know) and can fit in a bikini(ok, I could always fit in one) but I am more confident walking a round the pool in one hehehe.

I fell in like with probably one of the hottest men I have ever met, gosh he is movie star material with a temper to match, we started out with an awkward silence/friendship and in the last month or so we are over the awkwardness and now we are in a comfortable friendship which is great(my sister keeps pressing me to do more) but I am not that type of person. During our conversations I found out he is not that intelligent and I love intelligent me, geeks just do it for me(but he is hot!). Yesterday I was seated under a tree waiting my turn to play and he comes and tries to make me wear shades I gave him the brother please look hehehe (I guess I should have been a little more open) I am working on it. I think dating outside your race is a challenge because what I might find appropriate might be totally inappropriate to him. I am trying to find middle ground to get out of the uncomfortable zone. (I never thought I would even consider dating out side my race but I guess with age comes maturity)

Yes I finally moved out of home, I lived with my parents for a few weeks and moved in with my brother(who is amazing!!).

One thing that is still pending is catching up with all my friends, because of the work schedule it has been almost impossible to meet up with my friends(hopefully the wedding season coming up will be a good one). So this year I am putting more effort to met up with my friends.

Lastly I have embarked on a 40 day fast with my Church(never done that before) day 8 is here and I am super excited, only good things this year.

I hope to get married this year(I shall get back to  you at the end of the year, so keep me in prayer)

Have blessed week




2 Jul

Hello Good people,

My apologies for not writing. So much going on in my life right now.

For one i got promoted with in the group and i move country, to my beloved Uganda!!!

Looking forward to great things to come.

Will keep all of you posted on the happenings in my life.

A new journey

17 Apr

Good morning Beautiful people,

I hope you are well and the God Lord has been keeping you safe.

In January, we had a breakfast session at one of the five-star hotels for a friend’s birthday on my return(that was late afternoon) i weighed my self(yes i own a weighing scale) and i was heavier than i had ever been. I was over 74 kilograms! I decided to embark on a weight loss and fitness routine. My target was to lose and maintain 10kgs by the end of the year.

I started by first of all changing my eating habits, more fruit and vegetable and i literally worked out 5 days a week. I chose evenings because morning are tight and i am not a morning person.

1. I run three times a week for about 6 kilometers(If i was in a good mood i run 4-5 times a week)

2. I play ultimate twice a week for two hours minimum.

3. Yoga at least twice a week.

At the beginning i was not seeing any results at all! But i was training for a tournament (i was beyond motivated). January i hardly lost any weight! It drove me to work harder. The tournament came and my team won!! I played so many games that weekend and ended up with a major injury that had me out for over a month. During this time i walked and did yoga mostly. The strange thing is i did not put on any weight.

I returned to actively working out(at a lower scale of 3-4 times a week). It has been about two weeks now. In total i have lost slightly over 7 kilos in the last four months.

I have learnt some lessons while on this fitness journey.

1. During my off time i maintained the weight but was not as fit as before. Weight loss does not mean fitness

2. I worked my body so hard at the beginning and it was so  unnecessary  Now i am going slower and being nicer to my body(I would combine the 6km jog and yoga).

3. Drink lots of water and eat more fruit and vegetable.

4. Motivation. Unlike most people i prefer to work out alone(except for ultimate). I used to make a mango and mint smoothie before i run and that is what made me run back home quickly hehehe or made plans to hang out with friends and it gave me limited time to do the run the sooner i got home and dressed up the better.

5. Do not deny yourself some of the little pleasures in life such as yogurt  chocolate, ice cream not forgetting good food! But all these should be done in moderation. Once a month for the above will not kill you.

6. No alcohol, sugar and carbonated drinks. This was the easiest of them all. I have been alcohol free for like all my life and the two for the last two years.

What you eat is very important. I realized that i ate a lot more than my body needed. I do not eat after 8pm.

So this time while in Uganda, a Kenyan friend invited me to lunch with his friends(it was his first time in Uganda) The HEAT in Kampala was on another level. I think we hit 36 degrees at one point. It was too hot to have a normal meal, i think i hardly ate while in Uganda. I had lots of water and fruit during the day and a light meal at dinner(which my dad monitored hehe) i digress  Any way so we are at his hotel and the waitress is taking our order and everyone(men) order their meals, when it comes to me, i order a salad and sugar free juice. I look up from the menu and good Lord the looks on the men’s faces (except my friend, he is used). If i was being interviewed for girl friend material by his friends, i failed miserably hehe. When it came to paying the bill, his friend said, “i put the salad on your bill?” Like he could not say my meal

I will be updating my journey to let you know how it is going.

Oh, i am currently training for a marathon 🙂

Have a blessed day


19 Apr

Just a brief update. I am back in the slow city after a week of over indulgence(i even missed my flight!) and reported to work a date late. I love my friends, not until recently did i find out how down to earth they are, after living in a city of pretentious people it was refreshing to go hang around real people.

We threw a bachelor party for the groom, that was so much fun, i had an important meeting in the neighboring country and had  to fly out and back that day, that made me a bit late for the party, i found a bunch of drunk friends convincing the groom to jump from the first floor of the bungalow!! True to his crazy self the groom was about to jump!! We left the party on the way home there was major traffic jam of people going to work and school!! The wedding was too much fun, i swear my brother needs to get married again.

I honestly do not remember what i did the entire week in Uganda but i know i had a great time! I miss home already!

Before i left, my boss decided to terminate my contract, to be honest he beat me to it because i was going to hand in my resignation as soon as i came back from the holiday. I was just waiting for a few things to fall in place, he actually did me a favour because at the end of the month it will be my last day and i will be growing older and moving on to a much better job. The day i came back, i met my new boss to sign contracts and the offer is way better!! Like my girl says, i will have servants lol. Yes this time i am actually a BOSS and only report to the MD.

So yesterday as i was finalizing pending work, i needed to meet the boss with one of the suppliers, he had no clue what we where talking about, he then asks if i could remain and work with the organisation as he had made a mistake terminating my contract!!!! KTM!!  Mbu he listened to the wrong people.

No way i would have gone back even if i was unemployed. i was already going to resign with out a new job.

One by one.This song reminds me of Uganda and my Nigerian friends who surprised me with a visit in Uganda. We even had a one by one dance.

God i pray i will be a fair boss, be open-minded, not quick to judge and understanding.

Oh i think i sort of ended up in a relationship while on holiday……….


The Weekend

19 Mar

Mid last week I was a bit depressed, a lot of things weren’t going my way, I was anxious about so much that I failed to eat! It took interventions from my girlfriends on Thursday for me to eat my first meal of the week( it had to be Indian of course, apparently tea does not count) and a shopping sphere that made me a hundred dollars poorer(but the shoes are so worth it lol!). I sort of stood the neighbor up as well.

My girls decided that we needed girl time so a sleep over/ bonding/movie night was arranged at my home that went downhill when the neighbor passed by, so Lamu and a few other friends inevitably got invited.

I had such a great time that I forgot most of the things that happened that night! All I remember was giggling with Lamu all night. One thing is for sure by the end of the weekend I was over the neighbor(thank God) and he is no longer as fine as he was,  blame it on Lamu, every man who stands next to him becomes ordinary.

It was a wild night that it left my neighbor in a bit of shock (apparently they thought they knew how to party and i was the quiet chick who loves to hang out alone). He went straight from the party to work.  Lamu brings out the crazy in me that we can’t date, it would be writing our death warrant, there are hardly any restrictions to what we do on a night out, I literally have to stay away from him! It would sort of be like this relationship.

This one time at a party, we decided to skinny dip as a bet, the rule was to be able to take off your clothes in the 10 seconds the lights where off and jump in the pool. I remember touching the water just as the lights went on.

When I ask my friends if I look young, they say no, so someone please explain why little boys keep hitting on me!! Where are all the 30+ year old men? this year I am going to socialize more because my mum and mentor are already choosing names for my children! The pains of being in your late 20’s and single. This year, I am ready to dive straight into the dating scene. No more hanging out with myself (lol!)

The high light was, my expat family was in town(more like my friend and her boyfriend) it was like old times, it took me back to when we had just moved and had only ourselves as friends and hang out together, I think I travelled the most during that era, good times I tell you.

‘Weekends are a bit like rainbows; they look good from a distance but disappear when you get up close to them.’  ~John Shirley

Have a fabulous week

The Neighbor

13 Mar

I think i am in like with the neighbor! He is one fine man(and i love eye candy).

Yesterday i was feeling a little under the weather so i went home early to rest but after three hours it was impossible to sleep, so i decided to hang out with my self play a little music and a cup of tea, my phone rang and it was my neighbor! He asks if i was having a party (i had not noticed the music was that loud). I invited him over for tea as alcohol has been suspended from my house for a while(but he preferred to carry his own beer).

That is how we talked till mid night and i was offered free sitting in business class lol.

Today he is travels to one of the Airline’s destinations and wont be back till Thursday but he invited me to have a drink with him on Thursday night(who am i to say no?).

One thing i discovered is i am not tech savvy(he kept telling me about it all night!), truth be told i am a bit old school, i never move with the fads, i am ok with a phone that emails, texts and can make phone calls, all the other things that come with it don’t really matter.

I love going to lunch with my friends, when Lamu is in town, i can’t wait to go to a salad bar that we love. My neighbor thought it was very un African lol! I love Indian food, last week i had Indian for dinner, breakfast and lunch lol.

Dear God the man is so fine, he looks good in every thing! I need to get over him real fast or i will do some thing i will regret.

In other news, Lamu is back in town!! I am over the moon to have him in town after such a long time and welcome back Jollof .


The year so far

7 Jan

This week has been crazy! meeting after meeting, deal after deal. I have had two job offers and had lunch with two potential employers that i turned down last year. I have practically had lunch and dinner appointments every day of the week, all in the name of chasing paper! Kyaba too much!

Finally moved house, i have decided that the only other housemate i will have will have to be my husband. My upstairs neighbor is true eye candy and he works for  the local airline as a host(yes we be giving him the eye when he is serving us lol) now he is right above me. On the down side the other neighbor’s kids are nosy! been all up in my business asking me about Ben 10 and how to use the camera on my phone(it official i am not getting a TV!).

For the first time i am broke in January since i entered the rat race, now i know what every one talks about being broke at the beginning of the year. To make it worse when i was in Uganda i could not remember the pin to one of my cards, there i was like an idiot punching in numbers!

I want to applaud the Uganda Police and army for the level of professionalism they showed during the festive season, i felt so safe in Uganda. I usually spend the new year’s eve at home but this year i went to Church(last year we partied till 6am or was it 8am?!) and i was grateful to my girlfriends for inviting me to their church, we had a great time and i think i sat next to Mr Potential that night.

Countries/cities on my must visit list this year(apart from those in East Africa) are  Zambia, Dubai, Jo’burg, Nigeria. I have longer list but i realized i have to factor in school(which ends in June). So if you are in any of these cities drop me an email on the best times to visit and we can meet up for coffee or something.

I pray this is the year my parti animol friends in UG stop drunk tweeting!!

Have a fab weekend, i am off to check out the hot spot near my muzigo.