Home, where i belong.

6 Mar

I am currently in Uganda. Long over due holiday. Looking forward to catching up with family and friends.  So much has gone on lots of babies in the picture.

This weekend my family and i are doing a road trip and it happens to be in the town a man i once loved deeply lives, yes i am.going to visit him and his wife. I think enough time has passed and we can be friends of sort. I do admit he was a good friend. A brief drop in wouldn’t hurt. I will update on how it goes.

In other news my girl is expecting! Gosh, i am.super excited!! Already booked god mother position. I slept over at her home last night and came back with lots of sexy, sexy outfits. According to her i should consider them borrowed and should be returned as soon as she slim down hehehe. She wishes.

No serious man in my life. I think i am afraid of commitment Lord help me!

Blogging from my phone as i get my hair braided. Yes after a long time i upgraded hehehe.

Shout out to Uganda girl, Jollof . Virtual kisses to both of you.

Have a fab day.


Farewell My Baby

7 Feb

Last Saturday, the neighbor called me to ask if Jim was in my house, i said no and he probably run away and would be back soon.

later in the afternoon i realize he is not yet back. Only to be told he is dead, knocked not too far away from home.

Farewell my baby, we had some great times, the thought of having to replace him is too much.

Happy New Year

25 Jan

Happy new year!

My apologies for going AWOL but i really haven’t had any thing to write about. Yes lots going on in my life but writing didnt come naturally.

The best thing to have happened to me is my best-est friend came to Uganda for the Christmas break. Thank you love, for every thing.

And my good friend Abba Lang of Klear Kut aka missing link was in town as well, he is still as talkative as ever. I didn’t realize that we last met eight years ago! How time flies but it was  nice catching up even if it was for a short time.

Hope to get my writing mojo back soon.

Have a fab weekend



Dates Woes

19 Oct

Today i read Myne’s blog , she talks about love and romance.

This took me back to a conversation i had with my girlfriend a few weeks ago.

You see, i am a poster child for failed relationships, so much that my longest relationship has been 10 months. That said, i am a hopeless romantic and very traditional in my thinking. It got me thinking, is there some thing wrong with me? I battled with this for so long, so i thought why not ask a friend who knows me so well and will not sugar coat any thing just to make me feel better about myself?

Conversations with Mrs Filipo are always insightful to say the least, if there is one friend i would not mind be stranded with in an island it would be her, she is very down to earth and practical(it helps that she is an architect, building a house will be easy 🙂 )

Towards the end of last year, i had decided to have sex, just for just, so that i could get rid of my virginity because i was tired of it! I tried so many times but failed, i just couldn’t do it.

A close male friend called me last week and for some reason we got in to the marriage topic, according to him, i (along with his sister) are a group of women seated on our holy high chairs thinking we deserve better(men) yet we don’t, what got me off was how we are not trying hard enough to date and constantly rejecting men! Mad is an understatement, it hit me, he is coming to the conclusion because of the conversations i have with him(poor dude) he does not even get 20% of what goes on in my life, ONLY the girl friends know the truth.

Any way, i thought some thing was wrong with me but my girlfriend made it clear that SEX is a big part of men and dating. But my last real relationship, i met a great man who was more than willing to wait and above all ready to marry me, i think in my mind, i believed and still believed that men can wait, if he can’t then he is not worth it.

My self esteem was hitting the lowest it has ever been, going on Facebook and seeing men who could have possibly been mine(surprising, they are dating women who look like me)  happy and i am single.

Until i meet some one who is on the same page, i shall wait.

Thank you love for letting me in on the secret, i know i can be so naive in some of the conversations 🙂 but i am learning slowly but surely and for standing with in on this difficult choice. For the last three years you have listened to me go on and on about a guy only for it to get cold and as we have grown, so has the conversation, we have matured so much,yet still in many ways young.

Have a great weekend

Shopping Woes

18 Oct

Last weekend, i went to buy some lingerie and the shop i usually purchase the said items had not restocked, i owned a pair or two of every thing! (yes, i am obsessed with lingerie), it was heart breaking! If you live in Africa, you know how hard it is to find a great pair ,we do not have stores strictly for lingerie. So the next option was to try another shop.

After moving around, some thing caught my eye, a beautiful pink number, so i confidently entered in and asked for a size eight, (American size) or a ten(British), (some times i fit in six American size) the lady manning the shop boldly told me, ‘ you can not be a size 10, your either 12 or 14!’ I simply asked her for a mentioned size and how much will cost me. She had the audacity to repeat how the size is too small for me, not to mention the lady in question was most likely a size 14 or 16. I simply told her to pack them and paid.

Dear Ladies, just because you are huge and can not get off your lazy butt, does not mean the rest of us are doing the same, i try to eat health and work out regularly, so do not go around putting other people down!!! I was so mad but the lingerie was too good to be left behind. And yes, they fitted perfectly, any bigger and i would have wasted  a lot of money. I always tell my girl friends to find out their sizes, it makes shopping easier.

Did i mention i love shopping a lone? Yes, i go out on my own and just wonder, lost in thought, taking in the beauty of the fabrics, finding out pricing(mentally including the items on my next shopping budget). A few years ago my girlfriend was getting married(we where fresh out of Uni) and i did not have a dress! My then boyfriend did not like shopping so i went a lone(thank God). He called me 30 minutes into the shopping process to find out if i was done(I hadn’t even started!). It took another 4 hours before i was done and by then he was tired of calling to check on me :). My excuse was i had bought the cutest belt the day earlier and i was looking for a dress to match lol. He was so sweet, i got a foot rub after all the hard work.

I recently purchased a suit a size 10 and it does not fit! Yet it is such a hot suit! Especially the coat, i need to find a good tailor to fix it for me!

In other news i dropped a bra size 😦 i used to brag how my size was the international size, now i am not, at least my cup size remain the same :).

Is it me or has China taken over the African market, cheap knock off all over the place!

Yesterday, my team won both my games(I play and average of two to three games on an Ultimate night), it was interesting because i was so sleepy! I wonder how i was able to actually run for almost two hours!

Have a great weekend!

Waiting for you

28 Sep

I have a thing for a married man and i don’t know what to do about it.

Tried denying it(yes Mrs Filipo lol) and said i want only friendship from him(truth is i do need new friends).

I met him at an event(did not notice him) but for some reason we met at the stairs and this handsome tall man ask me ‘where are you from?’ i thought that was the strangest question to ask some one you did not know but it later turns out he is Ugandan! He thought i was a local(the girls are really pretty here) i guess it was a compliment lol.  So we hang out a few times.All this time he has no ring on his finger and never spoke about his wife.

I have many married friends i hang out with and no one ever suspects we are going out but with him, every one keeps asking questions(soon i will stop saying we are just friends). Then i discover he is married, i tell myself we can be friends, no biggie but the truth is i  wanted more than just friendship, i wish i had met him earlier in life, he would have been the perfect man but he belongs to some one else.

So i got into get rid of him mode, i knew i was not going to be able to do it(until i got over him) , it had to be him to do it. During one of our chill out sessions, i mentioned that i do not believe in sex before marriage and recently  he brought it up. So i thought, this is your chance!!! I blurted it out that i was still a virgin and waiting till i got married(you should have seen the look on his face). He has been a tad bit distant since then, yes it hurts but i know it is for the best.

Sin does not only happen physically but in the mind(he only got a peck from me), in my thoughts i have committed adultery and fornicated, every day i ask God to forgive me

Matthew 5:28But I say to you that everyone who looks at a woman with lustful intent has already committed adultery with her in his heart

I want my own man, one who has been waiting for me as i have been waiting for him, one who is after God’s heart, who will love me for me and when we get married, wear his ring proudly,be the father of our children, talk about me and carry numerous pictures of me lol

I used to listen to this song a lot. I will wait for you, i dream about you, waiting for the look in you eyes when we meet for the first time.

So many times i have almost strayed but God has always been there to set me straight. So i will wait and most importantly let go.

I actually cried while writing this post.

Office Drama

27 Sep

Bonjour Mon amies,

I want to put this out there and find out from all of you if i am being paranoid or i am normal, because i find certain things should not be done by people in my age group(though to each his/her own)

My department has only two people(with me doing the donkey work) but my colleague for some reason thinks every one is against her! From the audit department, MD etc it pisses me off that she is using her beauty to gain favors from the big bosses(office gossip is that she slept with the big man) but gossip is wrong as i have been given an office boy friend.

Her and her faithful followers have made it a habit to wear the skimpiest outfits in the name of corporate wear(even my night out outfits are not that short) i get so embarrassed, sometimes when she sits down, her dresses ride up to her butt! My fellow women must we walk around naked all the time? What happened to dignity and self respect? Why do you blame men who hit on you when every day you walk past them half naked?

One day after lunch with one of my guy friends, as he dropped me off at office, the powerpuff girls where standing outside the building and good Lord you could think the company uniform was short skirts. In fact he joked about how i missed the memo as he only see my knees(if he is lucky).

Blondness. I probably work with the blondest person i have ever met. Lord have mercy, i need intelligent people in my life(Please Lord). She can’t read and write properly, you wont believe she had people writting every thing for her, all she does is smile at them(yes, i end up doing the donkey work). I am not hating but i need some one to challenge me mentally.

Vanity: I have never met any one who takes countless pictures like her and her friends. Even the photographer in me id tired of taking their photos. For example for the last week she has taken photos every day(of her outfits) and posted on Facebook. Why not simply start a fashion blog?  When she has a new outfit, the entire office has to know9because she visits most of the departments and struts around the stairs). Even worse every one expects me to be like her! I politely tell them off(in this case i use sarcasm)

Last but not least, copy cat behavior. To have some one copy things you do is very irritating, i am all for learning from people but copying is a bit too much, the last straw is when she started wearing the same perfume as me! I flipped, now i wear three different scents. My male friends said i was being petty but to share an office with some one who smells exactly like you is a no,no!

I am being paranoid?