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Ask and you shall receive.

2 Feb

Today i asked a friend for a favour and he said yes even before  i was done asking! Yet i spent two days pondering on how i would handle the situation, many times my pride never allows me to ask of any thing(Even asking God was tough!).

On Monday i had lunch with a good friend and because my card had been retained by the ATM(yes my banking woes), i had to go to the bank to retrieve it, only reaching the bank the line was for WORLD! I had the equivalent of ten dollars in my wallet, i turned and went straight to work.

That evening  got invited to dinner by my girlfriends(Indian is not ten dollars lol) On admitting my woes, they offered to house me(usually i would rather not go) but i am learning to accepting love or kind gestures.

The thing is i am a giver(so i have been told) but accepting any thing is tough.

I am learning to ask and receive the Bible states clearly:

1 Kings 3:5-13: Not only did Solomon ask but he asked wisely

Zechariah 10:1: What drought are you facing in your life? Simply ask the Lord.

Matthew 7:7-11: One of my greatest struggles as a Christian is i feel i am burdening God by over asking but this verse reminds me that he is cool with it not matter how many times i ask.

Matthew 21:22: Believing is another thing i am struggling with(today i asked not expecting anything but i was pleasantly surprised)

James 1:5: When it rains it pours.

1 John 5:14-15: Many times we ask selfishly but remember all things work for the good of those who love him.

*Side note* Today i went to the mall and good Lord valentine is here! I had totally forgotten. Best part is this year i have a date!

Happy new Month may you love and accept love in return.


Mes Amies

3 Nov

My friends are something else! Not only are they crazy but they make me happy and sane! Today we went out to dinner(usually we hit up new restaurants once in a while but mostly on Fridays) So today we decided to go out and have Pizza as we have traveled the entire world with food from Japanese to Mexican. As usual we ordered way too much!

So the rendezvous was set for 6pm and knowing my friends the earliest came at 7:30pm(and she is the one who is always late) and for the first time, i was the last! I blame it on work(for some reason the last hour of work made me so mad! I even contemplated quitting on my second day at work) and choosing an outfit was harder than i thought!

The conversation was great and the escapades made me laugh till i cried then our foiled attempt to go to Zanzibar four months ago came up(we where thrown off a ferry) as we tried to pose as locals to pay less and we where caught(The Ugandan in us refused to pay more) hence being thrown out.

I am riding solo this weekend as my friends travel the world, i am so jealous, i wish i could simply get the first flight to any where for a week, starting tomorrow.

Buss a shot for your true friend

In other news, my ex is in town(again) and this time it is work related(thank God).

Bonne nuit