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Three decisions

12 Apr

Good morning Beautiful people,

How is the new month treating you?

I am well, so much has been going on! Yesterday i read a friend’s blog and one post in particular caught my eye, she was talking about writing our autobiography and how we shouldn’t  wait till we are old and tired to write them but rather start now, every day, one post at a time.

Over the last couple of weeks i have been trying to sort my life out, not that i have a disorganized life but rather, just reevaluate my goals. But i have been praying mostly for guidance in a lot of things

I did my exams recently and i was asking God to help me pass and secondly if i should continue with the course i am doing. I applied for grad school and i have been put on a waiting list, i hope i shall be admitted and granted a scholarship. Either way i will be studying i just need God to open doors for me.

My company asked me to apply for a job opening in Uganda and the way things look i might be transferred  I do want to go home but not right now, i want to move to another country for another two years then i shall settle back home. the thing is the company the group wants to move me to has liquidity problems, i already asked God a long time ago not to employ me in companies that do not pay employees on time. I had a bad experience once, i had backlogs of salary of up to 6 months. So if the company can not pay me on time i am not interested in working for them.

Lastly, i met some one, (ok not really)  but i finally clicked with a Christian man! Gosh, it was such as beautiful moment to meet a man who not only loves God but we have so much in common, yet we are so different. We met about a year or so ago at a friend’s event and i never even looked at him twice. He was the skinny quiet guy in the corner. Then recently i found myself seated next to him on Sundays. Then on Easter we had a group lunch(us single people lol) and we hit it off. Since then we chat everyday. Then yesterday he told me he likes me! I didn’t know what to say because it was on whatsap!

Now i have a bone to pick with dating today, what happened to good old phone calls? Everyone seems to be using whatsap to date! I am very old fashioned and i would prefer to be asked out in person on a date or some thing.

So my dilemma is i might be moving country soon and i have no idea what to do about the man. It is has been very tough for me to click with a guy at this level that i have resorted to God(as always)to help me out.

I have been on a soul, Jazz and blues phase, i realized that i listen to music in a very systematic way. For example i will have a reggae and ragga phase, then worship 101, then world music then a Deitrick Haddon phase. The man in question found me in a soul, jazz and blues phase. poor him he can’t reconcile that i am such a dance hall fan! Any way lots of learning to do.

In other news my birthday is coming up soon and my Boss has already booked to take me to dinner, since he has resigned, he is giving me half of his library of books as a parting gift! I am super excited. The man in question is also looking for a plan for my birthday and i have no idea what i would want to do with him. All i want is to spend it with friends.

Have a great weekend


Is this love – Corinne Bailey Rae


What’s your vice?

8 Nov

The day i quit, my friends decided to go celebrate (something about me looking like a sick puppy while at work) and my eyes had finally lit up. So we hit up a club(on a Wednesday) to celebrate(who was i to say no?). An interesting conversation came up, every one wanted to know my vice, mbu i am too clean for an insane person(they call me the mad Ugandan). Apparently dancing(while sober) till 6am in the morning does not count. To be honest i couldn’t tell what my vice was! After that night i went home and really thought about it.

My vice……….(drum-roll) …….. WORKAHOLIC, yes, one of those people who will work till midnight and be the first in office the next day. But yesterday got me thinking, may be i am not a workaholic after all because by 2pm, i was so ready to go home, 3pm i was in bed(yes, my job rocks like that) 7pm i was up working and studying till 1am.

Just got an email from my tutor, he is disappointed with our progress and  thinks we do not value early preparations(i need to send him my research). Eish guy can over want… as if.

So what is your vice?

My housemate

4 Nov

My housemate has decided to give me a taste of my own medicine… throw an impromptu party. I love feeding people so sometimes i invite a few people home( a wonderful excuse to cook). Usually this ends up into some kind of party after dinner. I am in the study room/office trying to write an analysis for my paper(it is due next year) but i thought the earlier the better(how am i to analyse 60 pages into 6? hard paper i tell you). My housemate seems to have these parties when i am out-of-town(no reason given even when asked) we have been house mates for a while and i have never met his friends or family, yet we live in the same city! I decided when he is good and ready he shall introduce me(it took our mutual friend getting married for us to meet).

Many times we do Friday dinner(usually a new restaurant) and before we head out to dance we make a pit stop most times at my house because it always seems to have alcohol usually left over from the dinner parties(since i don’t drink it waits for the owners, they are even labeled). So imagine your housemates crazy(already tipsy friends) blasting music out of the blue for an hour while you agonize in your bed. I give him props for letting go, he is a bit too up tight, i might just join the party.

Recently i have noticed a change, he went all out and revamped the entire house(we even have a chef!!) if my friends find out i am doomed! A Kenyan friend visited once and the first comment was, ‘you have a butler?’ lol! Imagine if he sees the chef(her meals are decent but i think my cooking is just fine). So one day, i come home and in the corner is a bar!!(i was not very thrilled), next day this really HUGE tv(that i have no gotten round to using) my friends would never leave my house! After revamping the house, all of a sudden his friends start visiting……… does it mean he was ashamed of our house? I invited my friends whether i had furniture or not(i made my chairs and they where cute) me channeling the interior designer in me. I am blessed with friends from all walks of life and they are pretty cool so this behavior is new to me(might be a cultural issue as he is a local and everyone in this city wants to look like they have tones of money).
Many times i have gone to order a meal in a restaurant(after waiting 30 minutes to be attended to because some muzungus arrived a few minutes after me) since my job allowed me to pretty much wear any thing, i was more likely to be dressed down, the waitress will look you up and down( after you have ordered) and tell you it costs this much(duh, i can read, that is why you have menus).

Last week i went to look for a good read, since i had lots of time i decided to browse though the books, i was so engrossed that i did not notice i had been there an hour! The attendant came and started walking behind me(to make sure i did not steal any books!) Just because i am black does not mean i don’t like reading(doesn’t help that the reading culture is very,very,very poor!)

Question is are you ashamed of who you are and where you came from that you are willing to cut your friends out until you get there? Me thinks not!!!!

I am off to make small talk, wish me luck.