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Pool madness

4 Jul

Hello good peoples.

So I am in my final week before I move back to Uganda.  So much to do! I have managed to pack and sell off almost all my  belongings and moved house closer to my office.

I am house sitting for a friend who is out of town for a while.  She happens to have a pool in her house. So I have been skinny dipping everyday!

The house helps have a separate section of the property as their residence so lots of privacy. At frist they liked to walk into the pool area but one must have spotted me swimming.  Now when I am home none of them walks by hehehe.

Secondly they must think I am a whore. The first night my friend came by (he walked me home after a tea date) the gate man locked the gate and my friend had to climb over! Luckily the got the memo and nolonger lock my male company in considering I have male guests almost every night (trying to make up for lost time with me). The girls pass by during the day for lunch or a dip in the pool.

All in all I am enjoying this time before I go into Kampala madness.

Have a fab weekend!